Rest in Peace (Side – Howlitzer)


9/23/2017, 8:00 AM – Now Resting in Peace. ???? ~ 2017

This is a tale of what I know about a magnificent loyal animal that died recently.
Perhaps it was from old age, perhaps it was from poisoning, perhaps it was from other causes.
Regardless, he’s gone.
There may or may not be a Side – Grimmelkin, it’s up to him, really.
I just wanted to share my thoughts on our plot of land here.

Originally, I wanted to put this off for Monday or somethin’, to reminisce…
But, I’ve decided to do it now because I’ve got to go through with quite a few plans for the time being. I’m behind in everything, and on top of that, my boy needs a break.
That cat was more or less, his cat, and well, it’s like we both lost a friend.
There’s no time for pain and grief just yet, but at the same time, I can’t feel sad, I only have happy memories.

This cat is dubbed Smokey, also spelled as Smokie.
This isn’t an ordinary cat, and I can’t say anyone even owned this cat.
I only knew this cat by chance, to begin with, but I feel sad because I saw it often, compared to my boy, who lived with this dear old cat for most of his life up to now. From his elementary days to now, actually. That cat saw him from Elementary up until he graduated High School!

He died, mostly in peace, but from what I’m told, the previous few days, he meowed almost as if he was in pain, or perhaps wanting attention. I know not, but it was the sounds I heard over Skype, if only for a few days… I saw the cat previously before that, and he seemed to be doing fine, with the exception that he didn’t quite eat as of late.

We know this cat’s been around, and he was in his 20’s when he passed. We estimate him to be about 24~26, give or take. Which would make him 199? ~ 2017.



Howlitzer Status 2 / Rant

So, with my main hard drive more or less up and running/repaired, I ended up with a new problem.

The retard I denounced as family, I brought up needing a power supply due to things being problematic.

He decided to install Windows 10 on the old hard drive.
What does he do? Since he’s a retard, he ended up not unplugging and installing Windows 10 onto my E drive. A DRIVE THAT SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN TOUCHED.

He, being the genius he is, thinks that his new fancy PC parts will be all nice, sleek, and better. Oh, new motherboard that uses DDR4 ram! LIKE I CARE.
I have my PC with interchangeable parts with someone important.
Anything happens, we’ve got each-other.

What does this retard do, though? Doesn’t confirm any problems and installs Windows 10 as the genius he is, because 10 is “better”, and “starts up faster”. I DO NOT CARE FOR START UP TIMES.

I play many types of games, and I’ve put up with many types of issues. Sonic ’06? I can genuinely say most people who didn’t play it and sheep over it, don’t know shit, like a retard I know. How can I say it? Because I’ve played it in several ways, and forced myself to see the mess through to the end.

Do I care about long loading times? Slightly, but does it actually matter? Not really. Why? Because in the end, I’m going to be doing something, right? Why cry over 3 more seconds if it’s a fun game?
To begin with, I’ve faced all sorts of loading issues, even old hardware causing loading problems. What is 3 seconds on something that WORKS?

So, yeah. I was supposed to be looking for a job, and now what do I have to do? I HAVE TO LOOK FOR ALL THE DATA I LOST DUE TO A RETARD.


===============RANT=========== (more…)

Howlitzer Status

Okay, so here’s how it’s been for the past week.

Last week – PC crashed. I had to do a lot of research into the problem, and the incident started due to my slowly rotting power supply.

I asked the idiot that built this PC to replace it, but as you know, that never works out to what I want. Of course, I’ve been having occasional shutdowns forever.


So, here’s what I ended up doing to resolve it. We tried reverse-cloning, apparently that didn’t work anyways.

I ended up finding out it’s a common permissions problem, because chkdsk rewrote permissions. Of course, any data corrupted to begin with would happen due to sudden shut-offs.

I’m risking my data but I backed up almost everything important to me, fortunately.

However, I’m worried of using my third drive since  if I’m super, super unlucky, a dying power supply can fry everything.

However, I’m probably going to continue onward anyways.


Last Wednesday, it went down, we double checked the hard drive health over the following 4 days, on Monday I asked/brought up my PC, of course my woes were unheard. I’ll bring that up later, for now, I’m much too happy and much too tired.
I’ve also began YS VIII VITA and feel choppy after enjoying YS VIII PS4 for a short time.
I may go back to Celceta and actually finish that, though. I don’t want to get too used to Ys VIII’s mechanics.

So, for now, I’m pretty happy things are back the way they were last week.

I have no idea what else to say/feel/think. I actually need to sleep, I’ve been lacking it since I’ve been worried over this hard drive. It’s a long story and has value.

I’m how many weeks behind schedule?!

I really need to get back into the spirit of things!

I shouldn’t even be having blank periods, so while everything is as it is, I’ll try to get myself back into gear and get a drawing done.

Scooby Doo – A.. pocalypse?!

Apparently………. there’s a very… hardcore take on the series… It’s not a fanfic, but it sure as hell sounds like one. This is an official Scooby Doo comic, courtesy of DC comics.
I’ve no idea what to think about. I was going to call it quits until I saw this beautiful piece of… somethin’.


From snippets I read, Velma ended up creating nanites that more or less, caused things to happen.
Shaggy looks beautiful. I’m afraid of the new Scooby, he also has a more steroid induced build.

I’m a little confused on how one can think of these things, and I kind of want to see an animation of this. It’d be very wrong with the current recurring voices they have.
And I’d feel even more sorry for Frank Welker, who has to do a double take as is, but then has to take it to new levels if this were ever to be animated in any form/way.

It’s out there. It’s much like evil… it’s out there.

So, about that Death Note Hollywood Version…

Apparently, in a nutshell :

From what I’ve heard, read, and that we’re apparently gonna go through it, or skim through it tomorrow… Because, why the hell not? Kyaaah, Gaijin Lightkun!

They castrated the original series and pulled a Spiderman : Homecoming. Okay, unarguably, Homecoming was much better than this, but hot damn, is it bad.
The most prepubescent version of Parker ever shown, and no ideology of “Great power, Great responsibility”

People liked it, but they clearly don’t care of Spiderman, and I lost my care after a point where they kept trying to add in a new cartoon of it.

Recently, though, I learned a lot of the comics, gathered a lot of information, more or less watched through Ultimate Spiderman, and while the quips were annoying, it wasn’t bad, and was what it was. I’ve seen worse on TV.

Anyways, back to Death Note. Or, Death Not, I guess.

According to the ending, it all may have all been stuff in Light’s head/mind.

Also, in what era do people actually name their children “Light”?
Capcom had it right back in the old days, like Netto Hikari, since the Hikari 20XX branch was a spoof of Dr. Light.
But, then, that’s still a last name.

I could tell Light would be unloved if his parents decided to name him Light, knowing the last name would be Turner. What, is he gonna turn to the light!? Or is this actually a fantasy story where he can use light, and is a turner? But then, that’s just an observation of an ability, not a name.

Aye. Regardless, I’ll be suffering through it for a bit. I’m kind of tired of the lack of quality… every day I feel like I’m subjected to crap, with or without wanting to! At least if I knowingly do it, I can’t complain as much, but jesus! Can’t someone have quality control!?

On an unrelated note, while pondering, I realized the flaw of feminism.

The actual goal is to remove and erase feminism from the equation, because if we achieve that, we won’t see a gender difference, or a difference at all. There would be any -archy, I mean, as far as we go, we’ve got anarchy. Patriarchy? From who? Unloved, abandoned twats?!

Summary : Light Turner has a great scream.
Spiderman Homecoming is an insult to Spiderman.
Feminists/feminism shouldn’t be a goal to keep being as/existing as it only creates more borders than we need, and that as humanity, we need to eliminate any sort of gender-thoughts lest they be for dating & mating, or other specific preferences/needs.

Okay. I am done. What do I need to do… Hm… Quite a bit, actually.

Of Polygons, and Sarkees.

While I don’t particularly care, I do care for people who will eventually be affected by following such stupidity, as they will and already have. Especially to note, the topic of the concept of being a “SJW”/”Social Justice Warrior”.

To begin with, humans require a judge and laws to contain and spread justice. We live under laws and regulations, so why do people think they can take up arms on their own to “achieve” it? I mean, humans are failed beings, so… uh.. yeah.

While reading and finding misc. information, I ended up coming across an article that didn’t quite seem interesting, and then I didn’t realize what I was reading until it was too late.

It was another “Anita” thing, and another YouTuber involved. Okay, I know these facts. Anita spews so much crap from her mouth, and YouTubers are all the same these days.

There’s no “right” or “wrong”, in fact, there’s only wrong.

First thing to note, Polygon sucks. Their comment sections are relatively empty these days, and “interesting stories” are dead. The writing is rather… I don’t even know any fancy words to cover it up, I can’t be nice. It’s empty, as well.


Revisiting Mabinogi – The Changes

So, Mabinogi’s most recent update revamps skills, most skills have Dan ranks now, which are mastery bonuses, so to speak. Rank 1 now goes to Dan 1, Dan 2, and Dan 3, or D1-D3.

Unfortunately, we can only succeed once per day, and we both have a lot of skills.
I returned much too late, barely catching the bits of the event. My regret, not reading about the event earlier, despite LOOKING AT IT.

The grind’s been cut, or was cut during the event, with some event goodies that we barely still have.

So far, the lackluster content has been Giant Renewal V..3? 4? How many have there been..? With people complaining, but there’s a lack of players in NA, and a lack of giants being a pretty common thing. Stupid players keep trying to act like a majority, when they’re but one person. In fact, there’s many elves complaining about a skill set, but see here… there’s not many giants to even offer complaints, even if it’s complaining -with- the elves.

Then, the following event was the memento update, which is just another grind. I hear it’s pretty damn good if you’re lucky, though. Echo stones can have amazing reforges.

Then, we get the Advancement update. The old system wasn’t good, or bad, but it was what it was. Unfortunately, all the old stuff is gone.

I revisited the game because I was reminiscing and missing out on the good times we both had.. and since we can’t afford FF XIV, sorry to the guild we were in, we have to turn to somethin’.

I was leaning on PSO2, and still need to go through PSO2, but between drawing and getting attendances, I’ve not much space for PSO2. Plus I idle, relax, and do other stuff.

Oh well… there’s really cool cast parts I need to try buying ASAP, but the grind for meseta, damn it all.

So, in summary of Mabinogi’s recent updates, there’s now a reason to rank skills to 1, except a catch is that you need to raise it to 100 before you can attempt Dan 1, and repeat the whole process for every level, but the requirements are MUCH easier (or so I’d like to believe), and it allows the game to have a new sense of progression. Was this necessary? NO, we still have OLD skills that need to be OFFICIALLY UNCAPPED. Rank 6 is the limit for many skills still. Many of which have become obsolete. Looking at you, First Aid.

However, this is actually a very positive, and good step. This also allows people who don’t pay for reforges/anything cash-powered, to actually gain a little boost in power. The strong may get stronger, but the weaker players can now actually gain strength to some degree.

Phew. Today I need to get two new dans for both of us, since my boy’s gonna’ be busy, tired, n’ occupied. While I.. need to sleep soon. It’s very late. Or early. Good lord.

I’ll be out cold for a while, and it’s still hot. My PC has gotten hotter, and I’m pretty sure the thermal paste is starting to wear…or..burn away. It wasn’t this hot earlier, so that’s annoying. Thermal paste isn’t easy to get for plebs. It’s stupid! Why can’t I just get a simple mediocre med-specs based PC?!

Regardless, that’s everything thus far with games.
Haven’t had a chance to revisit LaTale, but we’re planning on getting our old mains up. A shame I dun goofed and did a few mistakes regarding equipment, so I technically screwed our current mains up a little. Oh well, nothing I can’t remedy, by technical means. I’m just very lazy.