PS2 Memories & More

With the PS3 having CFW on 4.81 and 4.82, I can now do whatever I wish… play almost any games, from older, to newer. Of course, I’m wanting to go to the past with it….
So…. these feelings of an open world, where I don’t need to buy DLC where SEGA would profit from it… I am NOT buying 2006’s DLC.

This reminds me of the PS2 and how I was dying to get a swap magic, and waited patiently and did hours and hours, days and days, and a good month of saving up allowances, up until I could ask a brother to order it and some DVDs. There were dozens and dozens of games I wanted to try, and I gained that option/freedom, it felt amazing.

I had often bought games from GameStop, but an incident involving a retard left me with only 3 games, as he claims to have “purchased” the remaining games, he stole them when I re-claimed the PS2 itself.

I remember clearly, how the events played out. (more…)


Thanksgiving’s Day 2017 Finale



I’ll end our “celebration” of sorts, by also adding an introduction to who we are and what we do, and possibly why we do it.

It’s fun to do things together like this, and I’m hoping we do it often enough.

It’s a bunch of pages/comic stuff I started, because I was thinking… why not go the full distance? So, here you have it. What is Scalding Hot Tea, and why? Why specifically Scalding Hot Tea? Of course, we still don’t have answers for everything. (more…)

Thanks! 2017 Edition!

So… this one’s gonna be difficult and chock full of pictures, but every random like, and even the occasional comment we’ve seen on WordPress… well, we should give our thanks somehow. So, yeah. Thanks to every random person who’s ever clicked “like” or ever said anything decent here. We’re nothing, nobodies, so to have some sort of response, it does feel good.

The last stop is our empty FaceBook, which I don’t even know why we have one, but we do. Wheeeeeeee.



[Grimmelkin] A New Journey

Another game, another dimension and another Nebby.
Hopefully everyone’s new journey through Alola proves to be as exciting as the first one.
Saying that. I still like the Sun and Moon’s Protagonist. Simple and effective design! Anyways.

I’ve been studying new, well… basic drawing techniques. Starting over from scratch! Hopefully it shows the results of my training!

Piracy and values, the 7th wonder of the world.

My motivations for why I feel the way I do about games, and why I hate things like “esports” and any type of social justice….

So, I’ll discuss piracy and the “damage” it actually does.

You know… these kids don’t even remember..
Games used to be budget friendly…

Games used to have “Greatest Hits” versions. Much like Nintendo’s selects, except LESS SELECTIVE, and more free/open. $19.99 for any “greatest hits” PS2 game you see. Big AAA titles, on a budget. THIS CURBS PIRACY. MORE SELECTS, WHY AREN’T POKEMON NINTENDO SELECTS?

Here’s my story and the unfolding of my conflicting morals. I know piracy is theft, but it’s hardly a theft compared. I also think about how one can gain profits, and how I wouldn’t be stealing in any way, if publishers genuinely wanted my petty money.

I grew to be indifferent when I had no “next-gen” consoles, and that I never would. I never expected to have a PS3 and be a part of the final years of it. The same with the 3DS, on top of that being hacked, and the fact every game I pirate tends to be a shitty piece o’ budget crap that wastes my time, and the fact I force myself to trudge through it.
Plus, one of the few actual purchases, Pokemon Sun, ended up being shallow and meaningless. I’m still ticked off, I wanted an “end all” version like how Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire is…. I didn’t get a DS until what, three years ago? We played Black/White together since I got an Acekard. Like I’m supporting gamestop scalping it at $30+…

People also forget this… if I wait 3 years and buy a game on sale at $9.99 from it’s original, let’s say, $39.99, who does the money go to and how does it actually help?

If I buy a NES, WHO GETS THE MONEY? Nintendo does not get the money.
“Stealing is stealing.”
Um, excuse me? People make arguments like “stealing is still wrong” and even used a car reference. That doesn’t work. A car was stolen in this household.

That car far exceeds any mount of “harmful piracy”. If even the used value was a minimum $2,400, on top of maintenance and repairs, it’d at least be a minimum of $5,000 – INCLUDING INSURANCE.

By blaming piracy, you’re comparing a $50 POSSIBLE NON PURCHASE, to a legitimate loss of $5,000.

I will NOT buy most games I touched, and I’ll gladly delete all save data and any records I have of those games I didn’t like. You want a game I’ll buy? Give me the level of care that Trails has provided.



So, I learned that e-sports is up for $ on the Olympic$.

“The basis for the argument was based on the intensity of training which competitive gamers underwent, ‘which may be comparable to athletes in traditional sports’.”

Comparative? People who play smash actually act like it’s a serious thing you can make a living off of. I don’t understand, because it IS just a game, it was made with the original idea of “smash”. NOT CASH.

I was originally leaving this excerpt for the end, but I figure it should be upfront…
Why would I ruin the context of what I’m doing and change the message I have to be more confusing? Because my main drive is the fact that, deep down, I love games. My reasons will be listed for anyone who would give a single salt grain.

In the end, preferences aside, people will try to defend something as they might, just because they want to believe. Oh, effort is put into it, therefore it is similar! Contort as you may, try as you might.. but that’s all it is, contortions. The true value of games is something of a massive variable, but they are something that isn’t “serious”. They are worlds and worlds, made by people who care. Worlds full of life, imagination put into action, given life. Originally formless, but now something that’s rife with life.

The tales they tell, the life forms that exist.. the narrative of the world’s environment, the lore, the history one can weave… that’s what games ARE. They’re OPEN.

An open book with a near infinite amount of pages to write. So many pages that games end up incomplete sometimes because of that. How can one fill them all within a time frame? What goes missing? Games are amazing, they are life, but they also aren’t life. The moment of pause to separate fantasy and reality is necessary.


Hypocrisy will be the end of me!

Seriously, I spent so much time thinking and ranting on drivel instead of being productive. I have drawings I want to do/try, I have much I want to do/try.
Instead, I’m feeding some non-existent troll.

Jesus… It’s as bad as Kevin Smith, that fat Hollywood troll.. I despise him with a passion, and want to breakdown his words still… I’m very ticked off that people praised his bullshit towards another teen. People who do selfies have egos/have growing narcissism the more they do it. I know, I have a hint of that/had a hint of it, it comes and goes.

Seriously… the lack of morals and values, but before I speak any more, I should stop myself…
I need to draw. Or something. Just a little, at least.

I’ve got a good set up going, music I can relax and enjoy, and whatnot. A relaxed state of mind is all I’m missing. I have hints of frustration left over that’s slowly trickling into my thoughts of drawing/my abilities, but I’m hoping to shake that off with some music.

For the week, it’ll be Pokemon this and that. Ride the popularity! or something.

I can’t shake off the feeling. I waste time writing about retards. Sure, it helps me remain sane and keeps my expectations of people in check, but during it, I feel like there’s no hope for people and worse. I do regret it, but the benefits are persistent. I get to look back and then.. together, we’d laugh about things involving all sorts of trashy people.

I mean, I want to believe it’s fine to let it out, it’s better than stabbing someone, right?

Other than all that, I’m feeling better… we’ve got a full week ahead of us, and Pokemon to possibly speed through.

I dunno what else to add. I guess, today’s phrase will be.. “rainbow farts”.

There. Rainbow farts.