La Tale

What is La Tale?

La Tale is a 2D side-scrolling Korean MMORPG by Actoz Soft. Starting with it’s Korean release in 2006, it slowly made it’s way around the world.

Is it fun? Possibly. Is it grindy? Very. There’s much one can do, and the game has evolved numerous times, which created inconsistencies in content.

Example : The original first instance began at level 20, generally requiring a full party of level 20~24’s to complete.
Now, you can clear it alone by level 30/40.


La Tale was launched in English starting with OGPlanet, since March, 2008. It saw a European server on July 30, of 2009, which unfortunately closed in October in 2010.

La Tale was also temporarily hosted on GameNGame, which has very little purpose other than possibly being for English-speaking Asian regions.

On June 28, 2017, it will relaunch in English on Papaya, a platform from Veritgo Games.
This relaunch is, in ways, akin to Final Fantasy XIV’s re-release/reformatting, except no data will be retained, and all OGPlanet users who transfer their accounts, become legacy users. Perks unknown as of now.


Screenshot from Korean La Tale (KLT)

La Tale’s homepage –

La Tale’s old homepage –