When we game, we do it as a duo, though I’m mostly on solo farming duty.

Why do we have a page with this info? Well, we never know if anyone will either see us, or if someone’s out there, desperate to find allies and whatnot. I don’t expect us to become anything big, but who knows, maybe one thing leads to another. Like I’d know. If I was the cause of a single person joining a game, that’d be nice! The world’s vast!

Plus, who knows, maybe someone will spark a commentary discussion one day over games and how things are nice/cool/etc?

Game Status
Final Fantasy XIV [Active for now]
Dreigard Howlitzer / Reive Grimmelkin – Malboro
LaTale [Questionable]
??? / ??? – ???
Mabinogi [Inactive]
Dreigard / Reyve – Mari
PSO2 [Inactive]
Dreigard / Reive – Ship 02
Overwatch [Inactive]
Dreichels / Schwarzer


Consoles we own/share –
PS3 x2, X360, N3DS XL x 2, PSP x 2, DS phat x2, PS2, Vita + Vita TV.
We don’t use those for anything online, save for PS3 + Netflix.

PSP has a funny story – mine was obtained for $20, or rather, his. We switched after a screen incident, and Zenonia crashing broke my PSP’s usb, and I haven’t found a proper fix since then. I also have no means of connecting the memory to a PC due to a dongle having failed.

DS phat – kind of became obsolete due to N3DS being able to use Acekards. Piracy! Well, I got my DS from Japan long after the DS era was over. We can’t buy any DS games legitimately, save for GameStop. Like I’d pay $30 for Pokemon Black? If you want to “justify” it, then wouldn’t we be better off buying a recent Pokemon, but be unable to play that at the time?

Vita – Started with SAO HF because it was multiplayer-able and we enjoyed it together despite hating SAO and more. The bad ENG google-translation is worth it.
We also get to play God Eater together. Woohoo. Maybe I’ll get a Vita one day?

PS3 – I was actually given a PS3 as a hand-me-down, while he’s had his for a very long time, they’re almost identical and both kinda junk-ish due to our laziness of not upgrading the HDD and the fact they’re getting old. Funny thing, I was given it only two years ago I believe? It’s retail value is under $100 as is.

360 – We haven’t a clue. There’s not much use for this, and he got it at least 8 years ago. It hasn’t seen much use since, and he never bought me any RPGs I wanted to play, or any 360 games in general! We don’t have a 360 library. He got addicted to Vesperia, though. Maybe it’ll gain use if we can snag games before GameStop tosses them all out?
PS2 – Not in use currently. Long story with past incidents. Swap Magic can’t replace physical games that I cherished.

MMOs we discarded –
Only records of Agelheed and 006Charizard.
Dragon’s Nest

Games we’ve quit –
mmo, moo, moo.

Games we tried –
I may get around to this depending.


As of June 2017, we started Final Fantasy XIV.
Dreigard Howlitzer of Malboro.
Reive Grimmelkin of Malboro.

Overwatch – Dreichels and Schwarzer.
I go Mercy primarily when needed, while he play as Reinhardt. I occasionally Torbjorn, as well. You’d think they’d have more physical characters to make the game interesting?

We don’t really touch much games these days, though my plans for the blog would’ve been more grand. What we used to play, and why we stopped.

Mabinogi is on a hiatus due to the lack of continent and the fact Nexon’s not trustworthy.
You can find us as Dreigard, the giant, and Reyve, the human. We are on the Mari server.

LaTale is shutting down only to re-open. We will give it a go on June 28, 2017.
You can… expect this to be updated with names later. We may have over/up to 20.
We were (obviously) on the (only) Iris server.
I temporarily played KLaTale as DragonShift.

PSO2 is kind of on a pause, and not on a good track.
Our characters are (usually) Reive and Dreigard. His ID is… I forgot. Mine’s Dreigard.
Either way, you can find us and use our partner cards if you wish. We’re lowly 75’s with pathetic subs. At least, we have the top 12* gear from when we stopped. A shame they’re super obsolete for end-content these days… and going further ain’t happening easily.

I don’t want to list this…
But we played MapleStory on Bera.
He is Agelheed, a Dawn Warrior, and i am 006Charizard, an Evan. He’s almost 200, and I’m at 103 or somethin’. We stopped when we couldn’t progress further due to Nexon’s schemes. We also had a bunch of characters, and I kind of want to duo Reboot together.


PSO2 notes – The current director is no different than the previous one, not knowing what put the Phantasy in Phantasy Star. Plus, we can’t quite progress casually even if we wanted to… 13 stars are a grind no matter what we do. A massive time sink, and literally some are unobtainable due to us being gaijins.

I wanted to return to DFO due to my Unsho Ishizuka priest and Hikaru Midorikawa Fighter voice pack I did once before. We no longer exist here.
Dragon Nest isn’t in a good spot, either. We kind of exist, but I don’t remember what we are, but we don’t play it, so it don’t matter no more.

We couldn’t get any further into Vindictus. Although I do want to continue due to Karok being a beefy bear. It seems to be a trend that all games that have lived this long have such things. I don’t even remember our names.