Sigh, Berseria.

I’ve gotten to thinking about it. Berseria’s gotten the most clicks thus far in the span of a short amount of time, and over the course of it’s release, every where I look at things online, there’s usually some weird defense force about it.

Just maybe, just maybe this will get people to simply click close, instead of taking the time to type anything at all. Or better yet, I should just remove the Berseria page. I’ll be thinking about that/leaving it up to my boy.

Okay, then. I don’t like it. I hate Berseria, it’s not the Tales for me.
I’m no longer a Tales fan, stop backing up the reason why Tales fans are so shallow/to be hated. I’ve accepted the series I knew is gone. Big deal. I’ve seen many things come and go, this isn’t unique or new.

Yeah. I hate it for reasons, I don’t like it for being like an anime, I hate the bishoujo/bishounen/shota cast. I don’t like the lack of depth it is, I don’t like that it’s related to Zestiria, I don’t like anything about it. I can go on and on and on, but what is the point? I don’t like it. You can love it, but then, shove off. The only other thing I wouldn’t mind is knowing why you like it, for numerous reasons I won’t bother to state.

I have a pursuit of knowledge, I have nothing to offer, but that doesn’t mean you don’t. If you don’t have any knowledge to offer, be gone.

Now, I could abuse this trend by stating I’m a fan of it/love it, but that wouldn’t be right. I’d get the wrong crowd. Deceiving one’s self for popularity is the worst thing one can do. I’ve seen it/lived through it enough on.. ugh.. those MMOs…
It’s very easy to take advantage of other people, especially teens/rich teens.

The only comment I’ve seen with actual responses, save for some ironic things pointed out/assumed of me, are ironically the types I enjoy most out of reading.
To be honest, that makes my day.

Unfortunately, this means that in the future, I’ll only get more hate, despite the clarity added. Yeah, I have my reasons for not liking it, but you know what..
I simply do not like it. Okay? What if my reasons are “bad”?
I can go in depth using the series’ 20+ years of history, but no. That will not matter.
I don’t like the new-gen fans generated by Zestiria/Berseria. I really do not.

Have any of these people that try insulting me even played the Japanese games? Honestly, there’s a vast library of unplayed/undiscovered Tales games.
I’ve been planning on going through the 3DS Tales of the World, but put it off from laziness. I mean, it’s a game, I’ll play it. Enjoying it for a short time, versus a long time, is also important.

I can play through a lot of crappy games, and well, I can still say that these things are better than that crap. There’s always something worse, but there’s always something better. However, we’re not talking about that, we’re talking about an entry in a series I used to like.

You know, a passing thought made me realize…

If we had more of a utopia, everyone literally could be a critic.

How exactly does that work? Well, if criticism is means of improvement, then we’d be helping each other improve at a constant. We’d live in a world were failing would be socially okay, and succeeding would get you praise rather than jealousy/inferiority complexes.

Isn’t it weird that everyone -can- be a critique?
It’s weird to think about that simple sayings in history can actually be something, if life were different.

How common.. “if life were different”.

Well, life isn’t different, but the ironic part is, many people still act as such.. so.. maybe we ought to change the saying to “almost everyone’s a critic”.

Sure fire way to get better at art! Kinda, maybe. Not really?

I was bothered to type more. I mean I agree I should, but still. I’ve been so occupied.

This will also sound generic as all hell.
I suppose I’ll try to mix it up.

The most sure fire way to get better at art, is to simply keep drawing.

That would be a lie. If you kept drawing without knowing what you’re doing wrong, you’d just be repeating your mistakes. I’ve done it so much. The best thing I can do is state what I did to get better. I’m not qualified to say it, but at least I can say that I’ve gotten substantially better from the very beginning.

A year ALREADY?!

It’s about time four our first-ever anniversary of founding our stuff… I guess this week, it’ll be commemorating our own achievements. Alone.
Just the two of us. How.. sad.

I feel alright with it… I guess. I just wish we could somehow have a moderately sizable following, but hey, if even one person cares, then we’ve been doing right by others’ eyes. Our goal was personal, still is, and well… it’s been a year, huh?
We’ve really been going at it since then. It feels really good. I mean, really, really good. Never letting up. The only problem is, he hasn’t posted much, and I’ve been doing more posting than anything. That’s still a problem. From now on, that changes. He’s going to be posting more, even if it’s meaningless drivel.

Regardless…. I have plans to come up with. (more…)

This/Last Week’s accomplishments!

Phew… I pretty much spent the past few hours typing and not really doing anything else.

I left BattleCats Rangers running on my phone, it kinda killed my battery despite being charged. Whoops. Shouldn’t have forgotten about it!

Anyways. I feel like writing up somethin’ random.

So, I’m going to write about all the things we/I did last week.
I do have one more write up planned before I call it quits, the most blogging I’ve done in a long time, and it feels good to get my thoughts out. I’ve been very sleep deprived and my mental state has been fluctuating.  Sometimes, I’m even left with a blank stare. I feels much more stupids sometimes, and the worsts is with speech impediments.


Minna de “Critique”! – Art Edition.

Why the random weebhongo? I should really cover what a weeb is.
I”ll do that later/after. Anyways, why not? It’s all about manga and anime, right?
*Revisions of text added due to finishing of typing and realizing that, people are indeed, stupid. So, with that obvious realization, I decided that, with my love of arts, I’m going to cover how one can critique all of them.

*This edition is decidedly, how to critique art.
It’s in a simple way that takes less than 20 minutes and a minimum of 1 sentence.

*No read more insertion due to the fact I want people to know how to do critiques of art.

On this edition of Everyone, Critique!  みんなで “クリティーク!”
I was debating on whether I should make it “Critique de ikimasho” but that feels odd. Hey, at least I can type it.
The odd part is, I have to google and confirm my katakana. Isn’t that odd? I can type in only a couple of kanji, know a third of hiragana, but can’t use katakana due to I’m a gaijin, so sounding out the word makes it difficult. Ku-ri-tii-ku. misread that, misspell that, and you get critical. kuritiikaru. I think.
*This is apparently, not a joke anymore.

I shall speak honestly about general critiquing guidelines and how to maintain polite behavior and a presence on the internet.

  1. Firstly, be polite.
  2. Secondly, offer several target points of what’s actually wrong. Here, we don’t even get a full detail of what’s actually wrong.
  3. Third, balance out the “good” and the “bad” in a simple fashion.
  4. Fourth, note the positives, they make people feel better.

Let’s go with an example.
Let’s say someone has a oddly drawn elbow.
If the whole arm down to the elbow is a mess, just tell them to practice on the whole concept of the arm. Practice makes perfect. Encourage them to practice.
If only the elbow is odd, then state that “the elbow is a bit off…”
If possible, make a suggestion on how to fix that, such as “make it sharper.”

The problem? No one knows how to follow these basic rules, and of course, because it’s the internet, they’re always right.  ね? いつでも、いつでも、同じ位の人。

I’m tired of it. How hard is it to respond properly, how hard is it to read others?

I want to have faith in people, you know.
I want to know that we both can talk to people, knowing that we don’t need to TRY to explain ourselves. We mean what we mean. If you somehow can avoid questions, legitimate questions, then why do people talk to you? Why did you reach out to someone with a comment, or some other way, if you’re going to say stupid crap?
Likewise, why do people reach out, only to be rejected? Where the hell is the concept of “acceptance”? Can we simply not be who we are? Must we conform to other peoples’ ideals? To that, I say, no. I will never opt for that. Even if it could make me a millionaire. Well, actually… I probably would for a million.. I can get actual medical care, adopt numerous pets, get a nice house, and more. Obviously, I’d set some aside rather than squander it, and buy only what’s important. Mad money (or at least, treating it like it is) leads to ruination, I’ve heard and seen it happen.

In regards to critique relating to ART.
It’s just art.
There are bad art-related people who get a high off of what they do, and they even have an ego. That’s the type I consider rotten. There are many terrible people with talent, that’s just the sick truth this reality contains. I’m sick of that truth, but we can’t change it. This world will always operate with that fact. Entitled people will exist.

Tomorrow, I’ll make one about writing, because, why not? I’m going to cover all basic arts over a week. I thought the title was supposed to be poking fun at weebs and a joke, but it looks like I signed up for more.

In the end, I want to know that people can still be humans, not these sad excuses for humans.
I don’t want to know a world where people who are in their 20’s, and 30’s, wanting to be Kirito. Yes, there are 2X year olds wanting to be Kirito, and that is not a joke. I WISH IT WERE.

Also, here’s an image of my hand, and the tablet I use for drawing.
People with these meat hands struggle to do and enjoy the simpler things in life!
Notice how I have chunky thighs. My goal is to reach Chun Li’s level. Also, anime characters are rarely hairy. I feel so ostracized….