[reflections 2]

I’m going to use parenthesis to continue my train of thought. I also learned moumoon’s Myself has been on at least 3 albums, my favorite being the acoustic version.
This’ll close my thoughts and let me move on.




It’s been a while since we last even touched this blog.

I’ll start by reflecting. I’ll get out all my thoughts, and move on. I haven’t gotten any thoughts out in a while, and usually reflections lead me to conclusions. If that’s the case, I can only try, right? I’ll do the usual, then.

I’m also a bit high on moumoon’s “Myself”, from their acoustic album. It was a song I listened to earlier that made me think about things. Everything starts with a step, and a beginning is always just another beginning. “Progress” doesn’t quite exist. I was ironically obsessed with progress, but became more passive. Rushing won’t do anything. I can’t fix anything, anyways. I’ll properly take things slowly, for once. I won’t panic, and I won’t regret. I won’t apologize, I won’t get mad, I won’t wind up sad.

This is dedicated to someone, yet no one. I must let my thoughts out, so that I force myself to think about it. A body only moves from one’s will, which is really just a brain’s signal, right? Actively thinking of what I type, actively getting it out of my head. What, someone may wind up reading this? Well, what does that do? Why would I care?

I’ve got more important things than petty opinions. (more…)

Once again…


I’ve had my computer reformatted again, this time, not AS bad…

But… I lost everything else that was important.

I had one chance to back it up, but that retard didn’t let me.

All I wanted was to, at the very least, save my important files.

I never asked for “help” that was imposed, I even got insulted out of it, which doesn’t make sense.

Because of that, I’m out of a lot. Plus, I’m down 8GB of ram.

What I lost was 3 months of data, that means all project sources, and any new unfinished items. I had access to all these things when my PC was up, but the retard decided that he’ll check the internet connection and do something about it. I never asked.

So, he eventually ended up down the route of screwing up my PC so badly, at least, according to a system32 based error I saw, and ended up reformatting it.

So, yeah. That’s amazing.

I’m starting from scratch again with these things.
I’m officially stating that I have no siblings, nor relatives, as I no longer want anything to do with this self-centered “family”. I will be doing my best next year so that I may bide my time and leave once I’m ready. I can’t stay here any longer than that. I can’t trust anyone or anything, either.

There’s only one person I can actually trust, and together, we would’ve found a solution…

But, no. Mother had to blab to the idiot, and well.. yeah.

Because of that, I’ve lost the music I was happiest making, I actually had a lot of plans in progress…. I lost all that because of some retard who thinks all I do is play games.
I end up playing generally when I’m relaxing or on a break. That’s when they see me playing, never any other time.

Yeah, because I stay up till the late AMs playing and only playing, I sooo didn’t draw anything despite having a god damn tablet that he smeared with thermal paste because he decided that, maybe that was the issue.

NO. If it was thermal-related, it would’ve shut down in a different manner, I know because I assumed that first, when it turns out my motherboard was the problem apparently, and previously, I managed to work with it by lowering my CPU core count, from 8 to 4.


So yeah, my motherboard fried, but to think, I had my data in front of me before he took action… Sigh…

People who have good brothers, I envy and am jealous of. Not these retards who can’t communicate.