[Grimmelkin] Yumi

Yumi from Senran Kagura!

She is actually quite the nice and well-mannered. I also like characters who use ice.


Once again…


I’ve had my computer reformatted again, this time, not AS bad…

But… I lost everything else that was important.

I had one chance to back it up, but that retard didn’t let me.

All I wanted was to, at the very least, save my important files.

I never asked for “help” that was imposed, I even got insulted out of it, which doesn’t make sense.

Because of that, I’m out of a lot. Plus, I’m down 8GB of ram.

What I lost was 3 months of data, that means all project sources, and any new unfinished items. I had access to all these things when my PC was up, but the retard decided that he’ll check the internet connection and do something about it. I never asked.

So, he eventually ended up down the route of screwing up my PC so badly, at least, according to a system32 based error I saw, and ended up reformatting it.

So, yeah. That’s amazing.

I’m starting from scratch again with these things.
I’m officially stating that I have no siblings, nor relatives, as I no longer want anything to do with this self-centered “family”. I will be doing my best next year so that I may bide my time and leave once I’m ready. I can’t stay here any longer than that. I can’t trust anyone or anything, either.

There’s only one person I can actually trust, and together, we would’ve found a solution…

But, no. Mother had to blab to the idiot, and well.. yeah.

Because of that, I’ve lost the music I was happiest making, I actually had a lot of plans in progress…. I lost all that because of some retard who thinks all I do is play games.
I end up playing generally when I’m relaxing or on a break. That’s when they see me playing, never any other time.

Yeah, because I stay up till the late AMs playing and only playing, I sooo didn’t draw anything despite having a god damn tablet that he smeared with thermal paste because he decided that, maybe that was the issue.

NO. If it was thermal-related, it would’ve shut down in a different manner, I know because I assumed that first, when it turns out my motherboard was the problem apparently, and previously, I managed to work with it by lowering my CPU core count, from 8 to 4.


So yeah, my motherboard fried, but to think, I had my data in front of me before he took action… Sigh…

People who have good brothers, I envy and am jealous of. Not these retards who can’t communicate.

The Dumb Computer.

So. This PC has caused me much grief, between needing certain parts replaced and then some.

My current issues are :
1 – Power Supply’s getting up there in years.
2 – CPU has some sort of problem. I’m fine on 4 cores, but being on 8 seems to turn my PC off randomly. Either it’s dying, or needs to be re-seated. I did notice some paste on the connectors at one point, so there’s a good chance we just need to do some cleaning. Not smart, but what can we do?
3 – Apparently, I learned of one of the most grave errors. The retard built this PC, he insisted on exchanging PCs at one point, and I’m left with this crapbox. How bad is it?

This was made as a “performace” and “gaming” PC. Powered by those fancy thermal coolant things. Of course, if you run out, and don’t replace it. What happens?

This PC tower wasn’t built for standard use. It has NO ventilation. In fact, I use a large fan because there’s no proper ventilation. Yeah, all fans lead air to go out.

I’m surprised my PC is as alive as it is today. That retard’s poor building made me believe it was fine, when it suffered many problems. In fact, I have to figure out a solution to keep my video card from getting too hot, while also dispersing heat produced from the CPU. It all literally bottles up in the middle of this computer, causing it to overheat.

So, what I have to do is figure out a DIY trick to move an outer-case fan to a specific location, in an attempt to cool down two areas, in hopes of finally being able to use a quiet set-up. It took me a while to realize how bad it is, because the computer cools down fairly fast after an overheat. Ironically. Tracking down the problem for months, and now, I have my solution.

More like.. how would I know all my fans blow air out after he “replaced” them? I didn’t have issues for a while because I didn’t play much games for the past two months.

Sheesh… I been wanting to do nothing but draw last month. I got fed up so much.

So… yeah… on Monday, we’ll begin tackling that. I need to come up with a possible case mod, but I’m an amateur with very poor craftsmanship, so it’ll be a shoddy DIY. I’ll have my boy do some possible rewiring, though there is a single case fan I need him to replace, and my fat hands means I can’t turn a screw-driver, making it moot unless I yank everything out.

Hopefully we’ll finally solve my PC’s problems. By that point, I’ll try pushing my PC to 5 or 6 cores, and replug the second video card in hopes of it all being fine. Sigh. Positioning, wind, science.

Overall Plans

So, the outlook for December is…

Drawing. We have a Holiday to celebrate and then some.

We started Tree of Savior and became obsessive about leveling due to how easy they made it, and are going to aim for a high point and then stop. Fortunately, we can only play for limited amount of times due to limited resources.

In December, I’ll be doing PS3 hacking and customizing, though I should really get to 3DS customizing first…

I haven’t had any time to actually touch Berseria and I’m still debating on how we’ll handle Zestiria…

Other than all that, I’m hoping to possibly sneak music in… there’s much I have to do, but so little time, apparently.

We’ll also be doing Switch stuff, apparently.
So.. 3DS, Switch, PS3, while my boy’s going to be going 3DS, Switch, PS4, Vita, due to Tokyo Xanadu. He’s hoping that Aksys does right on the PS4 version, but is doubtful. All Falcom fans are. Aksys just sucks. Fact. Plain FACT.

1 – Drawing
2 – Crossing legal boundaries
3 – Entering poverty which makes 2 ironic, due to hefty purchase.
5 – I hope to get music in. I feel out of tune.

In between -everything- is that I need to exercise and get excess flab off… which means every day, 30 minutes minimum of some form of simple routine. Which I’m already falling behind with. Because I’ve been typing. Because I’ve been reminiscing, and being hyped by having stationary emulation. I mean, there’s no real better joy than sitting at a console together and living the past, in the present. It’s some good quality bonding time between us.

Other than all that.. hum…. I don’t know.

I did learn that GameStop raised Sonic Colors’ price tag from $9.99 to $14.99. This is exactly why people hate GameStop. They literally control prices based on their whims. I wanted Sonic Colors earlier. In fact, I’m pretty damn sure I wanted it when it was $4.99.


[Grimmelkin] A New Journey

Another game, another dimension and another Nebby.
Hopefully everyone’s new journey through Alola proves to be as exciting as the first one.
Saying that. I still like the Sun and Moon’s Protagonist. Simple and effective design! Anyways.

I’ve been studying new, well… basic drawing techniques. Starting over from scratch! Hopefully it shows the results of my training!