Reive’s Writing Issues

My boy made this, but shouldn’t have. Because I’m usually his issue!

Easy To Make Relatable Characters in Writing? Honestly, It Is.

Earlier I actually replied to someone, somewhere about this. I think it might of been on a forum. However, I’ve constantly seen that people over complicate the idea of a relatable character. Thus, I’ll give a digest of everything that’s not privy to my constant rambling!

Honestly, being relatable is probably a difficult thing to target when creating a story. Official or not. If you specifically create a character to relate to a particular audience, the creator has to not cater to certain aspects. In a way, having parts of someone you can’t relate to, makes them human. Flaws are important, however they don’t make someone automatically relatable, plus making flaws on purpose may be a convenient tool for a creator that wants to force the audience to connect.

To make an easy to relate character. Make someone who is both qualities you hold high in someone, and qualities that you don’t understand. That way, you have someone you’d love to meet(or relate to) as well as a future reason to get to know that person. Rather than ‘creating’ a character, you’re being introduced to another person who you know nothing of.


Word Count This Week!

Although… I’m hoping to be consistent about this, but it might not happen. Positive thinking! Must be positive! Saturday and Sundays are terrible days for me to write, but I’ll keep track. I say… But I only remember the rounded hundredth word. Well this is Monday-Friday’s word count. This is related to my writings, not blog related obviously.

Monday: Narcolepsy
Tuesday: 600 words
Wednesday: 400 words
Thursday: 400 words
Friday: 396 words

Unfortunately not a high note this week, I’ve been having issues with my narcolepsy. However, I did type for most of the week. so that’s good! Haven’t gotten around to drawing anything yet. Gotta fix that.

“Stealing Art” Isn’t Such a Big Deal?

This is a bit of a so-so topic that came across my mind. You see, on a regular basis you have people talk about others stealing their art work and claiming credit upon the arts that they have made. Most of which is, well, fair enough.

However, there is many instances where that it’s unavoidable and well, pointless to counteract against. Now, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t protect your work and rightfully claim at as your own, but is it really that big of a deal?


Goals of Grimmelkin

Hello! Weird.

I don’t think I’ll ever figure out how to start up a blog post. I’m someone who can only learn things by studying or figuring out how things work by copying. Copying by figuring out how people do it. However, downside of that is well… I become very unable to come up with things that separate from that structure.

It’s also a bit strange because this may be a bit late to actually say now of all this, but I digress.


Manuscript Woes

Currently in progress of finishing the manuscript the other one is editing for me. While I was never in a writing block, the inconsistency and procrastination of myself was a huge factor. If I was in high gear and wrote exactly what I intended, I probably would be finished by now.

However, saying all that doesn’t quite mean that much because it would only be one of many adventures the characters go through! As well as, I also have to do the illustrations in the story along with other stuff along with it. Procrastination is the first and last boss of any process!

Must be put in high gear. I must be put in high gear. Also to start working on the pixiv. Curse you productivity. Also the blog design.