Musically Motivated!

So, Sonic Forces’ music disappointed me with it’s over-synth nature and the obsessive need to have “retro” music for classic Sonic despite it being perfectly fine in Generations. Plus there’s a shared synth that’s everywhere. The main theme’s not bad…

But, then, I got hold of music from Mario Odyssey. I don’t have a Switch, but the music of Odyssey makes me want a Switch, because I love nothing more than idling in a game because of it’s music, and on top of that, I also love roaming around a world, thinking of the people who made the game/etc. Someone had to make the area I’m standing on, and it’s beautiful, what was their emotion when completing it? Etc, etc.

It reminds me of when I first got the Sonic Colors soundtrack, and listened to that obsessively when it first came out, Tropical Resort being my favorite. Super Mario Odyssey’s music is pretty much Colors/Unleashed/Adventure.

Apparently Forces does have an actual piano theme, but it’s located as…. Theater. Yay.

Anyways, I ended up practicing and completing and copying down the notes for the 8-bit version of the Honeylune Ridge Escape song, which quickly became one of my favorites.
Mario getting more songs with lyrics would be nice, and having them is amazing, because it feels… right. Plus, unlike Sonic, we had a relevant character sing. A character’s voice actually sang, isn’t that cool?!

I actually got most of the main melody of the 8-bit down, so my practice is paying off!
I’m learning slowly, step by step. On top of that, the songs themselves make me think about it and wonder… where do I want to go, what do I want to do? There’s so many different answers, I feel motivated and have been using Super Mario Odyssey’s soundtrack to boost that motivation. I just can’t help but feel good.



Further information about music

So, hopefully someone finds some good out of this wall of text. Nothing fancy other than basic music stuff I’ve learned. I definitely have much to learn if I want to take this seriously, but I am very occupied!

So, for this bonus feature, I’ll be covering what a Sound Font is, midis, and DAWs.
It’s really the overview of what I use, and partially how I use them.

I’m probably the worst source of information available, but whatever!
This helps me reflect on things I’ve learned over the many years.

I really like music, and after typing somethin’ else up here, I decided to make another one to follow it, something I can feel actually passionate about, and share my basic knowledge.


Minna de “Critique” – Music

Today’s edition will be written with glasses.

It feels good.

That and I’m tired of Sakuraba’s “music”. Very, very tired. I’m currently “playing” (mostly auto) Tales of The Rays.

If you want a summary of that, this is the story. You create duplicates and take the heroic spirits of characters from that copy. Yes, it’s basically Fate, or even Kingdom Hearts.

If KH > You take the Nobody of the hero (the heart), and their world is a memory made from the hero (the heart).
If Fate > You go into different worlds to find a servant for your war effort (“to save the world”). The servant has the memories of the “REAL” character, and the world you “exoflect” is essentially a massive noble phantasm.

Yeah, the story is BAD. It’s just not good. All this talk of “mirrages’ and “exoflect” and whatever else they may throw around..