Misc. Updates

The Talk of a Narc

These days I have had to come to term with my Narcness. I ended up so very Narc this past two months. Particularly because of how much of a Narc I am. I apologies. I’m just such a Narc. By Narc of course I mean that I have absolutely uncontrollable amounts of … (more…)


YouTube Update. Kinda.

Through the years of having this youtube video, nothing was done with it. Well not much. Even now I can’t promise anything happening to it except for minor uploads of things that we have done. Anyways.

I decided to completely re haul it. Well to an extent, hopefully more things will be uploaded as well.


Goals of Grimmelkin

Hello! Weird.

I don’t think I’ll ever figure out how to start up a blog post. I’m someone who can only learn things by studying or figuring out how things work by copying. Copying by figuring out how people do it. However, downside of that is well… I become very unable to come up with things that separate from that structure.

It’s also a bit strange because this may be a bit late to actually say now of all this, but I digress.



Up on the list – More photos, more content to actually make this blog worth spending a minimum of 5 minutes on, and other stuff.

KoG’s corruption is a nice idea that’s floating around, probably going to describe what’s wrong with them, with actual proof.

Otherwise, it’s more food, dog talk, and that’s about all for now.

Summary, pictures and text. Maybe some sound for once.

Lots of updating to be had.