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“Original” Characters.

Today’s minna de–
Forget about that for now. Today’s course will be….
it’s about OCs.
I mean, dear lord, people.

I’m very tired of seeing people use characters for their profile. I mean, sure, sometimes it’s not so bad, and sometimes people do it right, but most of the time, they don’t.
Isn’t that a surprise?!

Whenever I and/or we/he, we both do it to make ourselves feel better about our art sometimes. When we scroll through, half of it is related to OCs.

One was even an OC for Bleach where the kid’s wish fulfillment was to be a Hollow that fought Ichigo.

It’s annoying because these OCs leak into games and MMOs everywhere.
Imagine that, seeing people inserting their own name, and then taking their last name from the anime character (which I’m going to call ani charas from now on).

I’m going to be Lily Dragneel!
I’m not kidding, there are many players with Dragneel in their last name in Final Fantasy XIV. In fact, there are a lot of anime names. It’s sickening…..
Even worse… these kids somehow can afford a subscription. Imagine that.
Teenager naming themselves after anime characters, NOT EVEN GAME CHARACTERS, BUT ANIME, and they have a wallet to use.
Some people are bluntly in their 20’s, and by that, I mean the later ones.
Like, they’re gonna be 30+ year old human beings acting like that..

We both still are out of commission from FFXIV due to recent problems.


A year ALREADY?!

It’s about time four our first-ever anniversary of founding our stuff… I guess this week, it’ll be commemorating our own achievements. Alone.
Just the two of us. How.. sad.

I feel alright with it… I guess. I just wish we could somehow have a moderately sizable following, but hey, if even one person cares, then we’ve been doing right by others’ eyes. Our goal was personal, still is, and well… it’s been a year, huh?
We’ve really been going at it since then. It feels really good. I mean, really, really good. Never letting up. The only problem is, he hasn’t posted much, and I’ve been doing more posting than anything. That’s still a problem. From now on, that changes. He’s going to be posting more, even if it’s meaningless drivel.

Regardless…. I have plans to come up with. (more…)

The subject of Weebs and OCs + Fur.

What is a weaboo? Internet slang for… person that pretends to be Japanese.

I’m typing this up as a follow-up to the reddit rant, because it covers the user archetypes and stereotypes, complete with generalization of the very same types of people you can find commonly on the internet.

Aside informing the uninformed, if that’s even possible, it also covers several points in how to know who’s a weeb the very moment you see them.
The biggest giveaway is -almost- always an anime icon. (IE picture of character from an anime, or a scene from an anime). There is no place for manga with many weaboo

I don’t know all, but I can say I know a lot. Also, I’m studying actual japanese for fun, not pretending to understand it. I only understand what I understand, and apparently, it’s farther than most weebs can ever dream to reach. Fortunately.

I will also be covering Furries, I mean, if anyone needs writing reference for people that -do- exist in reality. I mean, they are pretty frightening. It’s pretty ridiculous.

Lettuce Begin! (more…)

This year’s the year, I guess.

So, I wanted to quickly write something here. I think I’m actually looking forward to watching some anime. It’s been a few years since I last watched much anime, if any at all, other than the ones we watched together…

This year’s the year we’ll actually watch stuff again, and with something I can actually cling to.

I’m especially looking forward to the new zero anime.


Why wouldn’t I? It’s a tigerman who’s more or less lived a life of bullying, murdered people, and hates the way he is. You’re not born with any of your own choices made. You exist as you are. You can’t simply kill yourself or want to die. It’s our nature to live, even if we’d rather die. The previous zero anime went along similar lines, but with alternate trauma. For once, I get an anime I could like/understand/ and maybe even relate to.

It’s all simply because he’s different. He’s a character written to be different, but that difference means a problematic existence. Not different from how life is, is it?

I stopped being a teen a long time ago, so I see much joy in either seeing old men struggle, teens being adults over actual problems, or other such. I have no idea where Mr. Tora falls under.

IMG_13042017_015902.pngSigh. You smutty doujinshi fodder. You know your wrong doings. If an adoptive father monster bear from a one-off movie can get attention, this 12-week stint with this tiger’s definitely going to be somethin’ good. And I’m going to add to it! HAHAHAH!

Next time, on Pixiv.

I have no idea what else we’ll be watching. There’s at least 3 things, including the above.


Okay, so in line with writing up on how characters should be written off, I had to think about SAO and how badly written it is in general.
It does everything one should NEVER DO.

Let’s take a long break and go to SWORD ART ONLINE.