Sure fire way to get better at art! Kinda, maybe. Not really?

I was bothered to type more. I mean I agree I should, but still. I’ve been so occupied.

This will also sound generic as all hell.
I suppose I’ll try to mix it up.

The most sure fire way to get better at art, is to simply keep drawing.

That would be a lie. If you kept drawing without knowing what you’re doing wrong, you’d just be repeating your mistakes. I’ve done it so much. The best thing I can do is state what I did to get better. I’m not qualified to say it, but at least I can say that I’ve gotten substantially better from the very beginning.


Art Progress Within The Year

I didn’t start drawing when we started the blog. I’ve been drawing for a long time. However, ever since I started putting up my works on here, pixiv, and even deviant, I have undoubtedly Improved.

However, the fundamentals can still be refined. I am sincerely proud on how far my art has come and the strides I have taken. I suppose a major factor is me getting a tablet, but I’m going to be honest. The tablet is a piece of garbage. The sensitivity doesn’t do anything, the lines go haywire after a few inches, but I’m still happy with it. I’m surprise it’s been a year that I had it. Apparently.


Story of a Holiday? Kinda. Not Really.

Been awhile since I posted a text based thing! Well, I’ve been occupied with a bunch of things happening. First of all, my 3DS stopped working suddenly. While I was at my most vulnerable! Playing Pokemon! Ahem.

Due to things happening, I had to make a decision on whether to get a PS4 or to get another 3DS. Gain a new library or to recover mines. Given the shortage of time I ended up deciding the latter on black friday. Prior to the 3DS busting, I lost all my digitals/saves loaded on the SD card due to immense luck! So in the end I decided to just get a new 3DS, one that is under my name and wallet. sad.

The busy week led to me fall behind in my writing. However, it did not prevent me from drawing/practicing my skills. You see, in my art I’m trying to perfect the style of it and to get an appeal out of it. I noticed I don’t upload many pictures with guys in it, but I draw them also! It’s actually due to the fact that I upload drawings that I do of other series or games. However, there are designs and drawings I do individually. Which in turn means. I have to draw males. I suppose I should work on more water colors with male characters, but that’s difficult since I’m trying to improve also! Anyways, I’m rambling.

I’m constantly trying to improve my proportions and basic skills. However, I finally settled with a style I’m relatively comfortable with, but can improve upon it. A lot of ideas. So much to do! Maybe by next week I’ll do a Pokemon Sun/Moon drawing! I will work upload at least two images this week to make up for everything!

Selfies mean Narcissism

For reference – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anaheim_Bay

Earlier, I read about how a guy was being called fat despite not being fat, but he was pretty egoistical, and it was relating to the gay community, or specifically, the bear community. I didn’t care, but what I noticed was, if you’re not single, but you want to get into  a community known to be full of singles, what the fuck is wrong with you?


Another Day

Reorganizing the blog was a bit tedious to figure out, but I did it.

So far, so good. We’ve got a lot to do/add, so I’m doing my part to help out. I’m going to do my best to upkeep, maintain, and add stuff weekly. Or so I hope.

Another day’s drawing to an end, and so far, we’ve done our habits and gotten our goals cleared.

The only real problems are that we did some stuff, talked about stuff, and that made me want to exercise even harder and try bulking up even more. My body and build was put into question again, and my future seemingly uncertain, but forced to be certain again. He does that to me all the time. So, I feel tremendous pressure not to disappoint, and am full of worries. Sigh. I’ve got no real choice, I have to do what I have to do.

Guess I’ll figure something out. I need to exercise a lot more often, anyways. Growing up fat, man, how the times have changed. Two surgeries, to boot! It feels strange. No time for reminiscing, though.

Revitalize! Kinda.

I hath imbued the blog with new life with a horrible placeholder set! Now to see how long it takes before laziness and dread takes capture on my poor soul.

On another note, I’m ironically not much a blogger but I try to do everything I can to keep up with that other person. I shall make a resurface in technical aspects of this blog! Ugh. I’m so hungry for no reason now.

Guess all this comes down to the content I shall put up.