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Of Polygons, and Sarkees.

While I don’t particularly care, I do care for people who will eventually be affected by following such stupidity, as they will and already have. Especially to note, the topic of the concept of being a “SJW”/”Social Justice Warrior”.

To begin with, humans require a judge and laws to contain and spread justice. We live under laws and regulations, so why do people think they can take up arms on their own to “achieve” it? I mean, humans are failed beings, so… uh.. yeah.

While reading and finding misc. information, I ended up coming across an article that didn’t quite seem interesting, and then I didn’t realize what I was reading until it was too late.

It was another “Anita” thing, and another YouTuber involved. Okay, I know these facts. Anita spews so much crap from her mouth, and YouTubers are all the same these days.

There’s no “right” or “wrong”, in fact, there’s only wrong.

First thing to note, Polygon sucks. Their comment sections are relatively empty these days, and “interesting stories” are dead. The writing is rather… I don’t even know any fancy words to cover it up, I can’t be nice. It’s empty, as well.



The subject of Weebs and OCs + Fur.

What is a weaboo? Internet slang for… person that pretends to be Japanese.

I’m typing this up as a follow-up to the reddit rant, because it covers the user archetypes and stereotypes, complete with generalization of the very same types of people you can find commonly on the internet.

Aside informing the uninformed, if that’s even possible, it also covers several points in how to know who’s a weeb the very moment you see them.
The biggest giveaway is -almost- always an anime icon. (IE picture of character from an anime, or a scene from an anime). There is no place for manga with many weaboo

I don’t know all, but I can say I know a lot. Also, I’m studying actual japanese for fun, not pretending to understand it. I only understand what I understand, and apparently, it’s farther than most weebs can ever dream to reach. Fortunately.

I will also be covering Furries, I mean, if anyone needs writing reference for people that -do- exist in reality. I mean, they are pretty frightening. It’s pretty ridiculous.

Lettuce Begin! (more…)

Woes of Echoes [2]

The moral/summary is, they wrote out Celica basically asking if it was fine for her to call Mycen, FAMILY. I don’t care who has crap to say against me, but damn it all, the value of family is very important to me. Who knows, it may also be important to others, but until I meet those people, I can’t truly speak for them other than “it’s a great feeling”.

I wouldn’t have this duo otherwise, and we wouldn’t be doing the things we’re doing now…

Sigh. I hate being an emotional person. I honestly find that it does no good, and that I’ll eventually attract trolls if I write about “popular” things, or “relevant” things, because I know I’ve never quite been agreed with. I’m unpopular, and well, that’s nothing weird, but it worries me that a certain someone will be drawn into it. If we were dogs, I’d rather be the one to carry all the fleas, rather than have the fleas split between us. Obviously, that’s not how fleas work. They care not as long as they can get fresh animal blood.

A partial translation of what was said between everyone right after the first battle.

Why? Because it seriously bothered me…

I skipped non-important lines, so sue me.  Some liberties, some salt. I’m not fluent.
Plus, no repeat voice clips. Which I don’t get. This is just a visual novel, so where’s the playback button? It’s hard figuring out how to make the “It can’t be helped” line into something else. I grew up knowing and seeing “I couldn’t help it” and other such, so… was there any helping it? Honestly, it can’t be helped. There are work arounds for it, but that’s a whole different monogatari.

Scenarios & Thoughts of the Future.

So, as we all know, be it fortunate or unfortunate means, we’ve heard of some internet “celebs”, as people like to label them. I personally have zero care or interest, but this made me think… what if I had fans that made things worse? What happened if I didn’t take proper responsibility as a decent human being?

I also decided to start using colored fonts to make my writing pop, and my points, as clear as the color I feel. Which is apparently often red, because…why not?

What if I just tried to magically wish things away, rather than use that as an opportunity for the greater good, at my own expense? Am I that selfish, that deluded into thinking I’m that important? No. I’m a complicated person who’s both selfish and selfless. I can acknowledge that because I don’t really understand it, either. How do you understand how you work? That’s the problem with us humans.

Howlitzer’s Passion and Thoughts.

Okay, so I’ve been thinking. After seeing things play out, I couldn’t help but laugh.

Let me start this off with. What the fuck is with this comedic inferiority complex?
Art thou so inadequate that thou must tarnish others out of thy rage and thy jealousy?
Doest thou haven’t the most commonest sense?

Let me begin with this statement.
I hate the most generic of anime crap. “Fan-art” that’s done in generic “anime” style. Form your own style. That’s exactly what it means to be an artist.
t’s always ever so easy for one to copy and paste a pattern down, which makes no sense. What, you can’t be constructive? I can see the most entitled assholes that can do “good”, but don’t.

In fact, there’s history of furry drama with furries. I think it was about how one guy more or less stole money from people and took his sweet time with art, trashing and shit-posting along the way. I don’t remember too much on those specifics, but that was a fun read. I read anything interesting, and anything I find fun. Usually, someone else’s misery, for some odd reason.


Status Update

I’m too depressed to do anything, so my status is…

Art – One picture, goal is to finish line and colors by Thursday, making this the longest time I’ve missed an upload.
Music – Another month of nothing, I’ve been trying to do something, but I should probably churn something out to have content, I guess.
Food – I haven’t had the luxury of cooking anything in so long, that I don’t know why I even have categories for that anymore.
Writing – Nothing. Only one thing to do, really…
Blog – I’m just not feeling it, planned to add more things and actually update for once, but eh…


Gender – The Third Revisit/Revision

So, I was shown an image saying genders aren’t binary, but you can only buy the shirt for males and females.

You know, I’m going to start from this point, because I already wrote so much/everything, but I’ll go backwards just to go forward.

I hate these types of people. I hate each and every type of person that has a petty problem. I’ve seen disabled people, mentally retarded people, and more. I’ve seen homeless people, I’ve seen a bit for a humble nobody. I’ve seen dozens and dozens of shoes, each different. People suffer all the same, we all have one common ground.

Yet, if you have a healthy body, then you’re one of those entitled snowflakes. People would kill to be normal or even healthy. You think I feel bad about how some high schoolers committed suicide? One was a quarterback for a high school football team, he had a nice healthy body and a loving family, but still dropped dead. How the hell do you come up with that conclusion?


Healthy bodies, to boot?! I mean, I’ve seen diseases, I’ve seen people suffer, suffering so much that they want to end it, but can’t.

Yet, you flourish and want to discard things, or “struggle’ over next to nothing. I hate those types so much! There’s much suffering, and their contribution is to form a community of other entitled pricks who only claim to care about others. Genuine care puts others above your own.

That and where are my non-binary lions. Nature has it’s share of oddities, but nature’s pretty seamless normally. That’s kind of what the idea of nature is. Normal, streamlined. Hell, dogs can commit suicide, and on TV earlier, I felt bad over a dog nearly bleeding to death due to surgical complications. It lived.

I mean, who the hell has the time to bring up these problems? I’m wasting, literally, choosing to waste my time on this drivel to gain next to nothing other than some mental clarity. There’s only one person I know who’ll even read all this text, word for word, to word, from words.

Thank you, people with stupid problems, for making me think and reflect on my life, ultimately wasting 2 hours.

Whoops… I went on wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy tooooo long.
4930 words, and counting.


From Anger to Passion

Continuing where I would have left off – I’m sick of these people… they can “write” absolute drudgery and get away with it. They can do so much, and people will watch repeatedly to figure it out. Hell, there were laughable statistics where half a million people pirated the series. Each pirate has a reason, and may even have access to it normally. You can never tell, know, or predict it. Statistics are just numbers.

I shall continue onward to my passion, a passion I wish others would share in their art, and not crappy fanfics or furry creations. I mean divine passion. Attention to what they do love.