Thus far

So, up to now, not much has happened. My PC keeps giving problems.

Chances are, we now need thermal paste for this crap box.
Everything’s been pretty difficult since Smokey’s passing, unironically almost none of which had to actually deal with him itself, in fact, it’s laughable. Two people over there are unaffected because they don’t care about anyone that isn’t them. You get a fake cat lover, and someone who can’t give a damn about cats unless it’s either her personal cat, or if she’s the one giving it attention.

That aside, chalking up all my mobage statuses.
Granblue Fantasy – zero.
Zero no Sho – I rerolled because I wanted the new dragon man they introduced. Ragiesu, I believe. I can see why romanizing is such a bitch. I mean, really.
Tales of a ray –  NADA.
Fate/Grand Order – NADA. Only.. NOTHING!
Fate/Grand Order JP – I just started, and already, nada. Crap rolls, oh my god.

I still feel sad that I don’t quite have the phone space for Omnia Opera anymore, at least, not currently, plus it’s kind of tedious to progress in. It’s quite fun to play with other people, because it has a 3P multiplayer mode, you can have a minimum of 2 people playing together, so it’s great with a friend if you’re being random.

On my boy’s end…
Granblue Fantasy – every 2 weeks, it feels like he gets a SSR.
Tales of ray – ??? I mean, I guess getting a lot of Tear stuff, his technical favorite waifu, counts. The event’s over now, so that’s sad.
FGO – Jeanne. He didn’t want Jeanne.
FGO JP – He keeps getting his waifus. I mean, really, they are characters he really likes, and wanted. And none of them are 5*.

In MMO status.
Elsword – We’re revisiting it, but KoG pulled another BS move. Voice mods are affected heavily, especially with their 3rd job coming up. Currently, Ain’s data is now a V4. KoG Team MASSFILE V.04 – I can’t find any bypasses, work-arounds, or decryptors. Old voice files still work, the game will still process V.03 files. So, this becomes problematic when they add new stuff. Fortunately, not too big of a deal, except they completely moved SFX, which used to be stored in data069.kom, which is ALSO V.04

So, it’s pretty bad to have fun with it, the English dub sucks worse than their initial April Fool’s joke, the sound/audio is poorly done, they even dropped Eve’s processing, can’t even keep a standard, huh, KoG?

In Mabinogi, things are going way too well, I’m making gold pretty easily because I keep getting good gold making things, and on top of that, we have so much Saga abuse. Every EP10 clear is 30k, multiple by – AT LEAST – 10 characters minimum, across our two accounts. That’s a minimum of 300k x 2, 600k a day. Bank fees can be covered on either Wednesday, or by using an extra 2 characters, depending. Gold bags also end up as a personal refund of 4,900 gold per. I have much to buy, still. I’m such a fashion whore. Also working on getting us both Dan skills, which is a pain. Firebolt was a bitch to clear.

We haven’t touched PSO2 or LaTale in a while.

Aside that, it’s mostly been.. I dunno, combined with drawing, and I had a little music fun here and there.

Plus, we have an actual copy of Tales of Destiny : Director’s Cut, now. Fresh from Japan, apparently! It’s the premium box, too! The glorious art book!

We also plan to attempt to go through Zestiria and finish up Berseria… but they’re both god-awful boring… The progression in both is also somewhat identical, which is disappointing…

I also looked into voice files for certain games, like Fairy Fencer, and PC Cold Steel. I don’t think we’re going to buy this third version, but it has additional clips that are marvelous. Besides, if they make a new PS4 version, I’m hoping it’d be identical to the currently superior PC version. I have VERY BAD MEMORIES with PCs, okay?!

Also have Extella extracted. I feel bad for pirating for files for personal fun. You’d think I’d actually play what I download. Well, a damn shame.

Anyways, I still have many files to sort out, many voice clips to extract, lots of things to delete, but, so far, my drive recovery has had some decent progress. I’m happy I didn’t lose my Rockman music collection, though, or the whole Eiyuu Densetsu 6 to 8 stuff. The evolution discs are a pain, but less of a pain than the original games!

That about sums up every little thing we’ve been doing.

I also need to finish Ys VIII, which I find amazing, and far more fun than anything I’ve played on a computer recently. To top that off, I can honestly say, the PS4 and Vita have so many differences, that it’s a nice experience to even go through both, if you like Adol and his adventures, anyways.


Rest in Peace (Side – Howlitzer)


9/23/2017, 8:00 AM – Now Resting in Peace. ???? ~ 2017

This is a tale of what I know about a magnificent loyal animal that died recently.
Perhaps it was from old age, perhaps it was from poisoning, perhaps it was from other causes.
Regardless, he’s gone.
There may or may not be a Side – Grimmelkin, it’s up to him, really.
I just wanted to share my thoughts on our plot of land here.

Originally, I wanted to put this off for Monday or somethin’, to reminisce…
But, I’ve decided to do it now because I’ve got to go through with quite a few plans for the time being. I’m behind in everything, and on top of that, my boy needs a break.
That cat was more or less, his cat, and well, it’s like we both lost a friend.
There’s no time for pain and grief just yet, but at the same time, I can’t feel sad, I only have happy memories.

This cat is dubbed Smokey, also spelled as Smokie.
This isn’t an ordinary cat, and I can’t say anyone even owned this cat.
I only knew this cat by chance, to begin with, but I feel sad because I saw it often, compared to my boy, who lived with this dear old cat for most of his life up to now. From his elementary days to now, actually. That cat saw him from Elementary up until he graduated High School!

He died, mostly in peace, but from what I’m told, the previous few days, he meowed almost as if he was in pain, or perhaps wanting attention. I know not, but it was the sounds I heard over Skype, if only for a few days… I saw the cat previously before that, and he seemed to be doing fine, with the exception that he didn’t quite eat as of late.

We know this cat’s been around, and he was in his 20’s when he passed. We estimate him to be about 24~26, give or take. Which would make him 199? ~ 2017.


Howlitzer Status

Okay, so here’s how it’s been for the past week.

Last week – PC crashed. I had to do a lot of research into the problem, and the incident started due to my slowly rotting power supply.

I asked the idiot that built this PC to replace it, but as you know, that never works out to what I want. Of course, I’ve been having occasional shutdowns forever.


So, here’s what I ended up doing to resolve it. We tried reverse-cloning, apparently that didn’t work anyways.

I ended up finding out it’s a common permissions problem, because chkdsk rewrote permissions. Of course, any data corrupted to begin with would happen due to sudden shut-offs.

I’m risking my data but I backed up almost everything important to me, fortunately.

However, I’m worried of using my third drive since  if I’m super, super unlucky, a dying power supply can fry everything.

However, I’m probably going to continue onward anyways.


Last Wednesday, it went down, we double checked the hard drive health over the following 4 days, on Monday I asked/brought up my PC, of course my woes were unheard. I’ll bring that up later, for now, I’m much too happy and much too tired.
I’ve also began YS VIII VITA and feel choppy after enjoying YS VIII PS4 for a short time.
I may go back to Celceta and actually finish that, though. I don’t want to get too used to Ys VIII’s mechanics.

So, for now, I’m pretty happy things are back the way they were last week.

I have no idea what else to say/feel/think. I actually need to sleep, I’ve been lacking it since I’ve been worried over this hard drive. It’s a long story and has value.

I’m how many weeks behind schedule?!

I really need to get back into the spirit of things!

I shouldn’t even be having blank periods, so while everything is as it is, I’ll try to get myself back into gear and get a drawing done.

Of Polygons, and Sarkees.

While I don’t particularly care, I do care for people who will eventually be affected by following such stupidity, as they will and already have. Especially to note, the topic of the concept of being a “SJW”/”Social Justice Warrior”.

To begin with, humans require a judge and laws to contain and spread justice. We live under laws and regulations, so why do people think they can take up arms on their own to “achieve” it? I mean, humans are failed beings, so… uh.. yeah.

While reading and finding misc. information, I ended up coming across an article that didn’t quite seem interesting, and then I didn’t realize what I was reading until it was too late.

It was another “Anita” thing, and another YouTuber involved. Okay, I know these facts. Anita spews so much crap from her mouth, and YouTubers are all the same these days.

There’s no “right” or “wrong”, in fact, there’s only wrong.

First thing to note, Polygon sucks. Their comment sections are relatively empty these days, and “interesting stories” are dead. The writing is rather… I don’t even know any fancy words to cover it up, I can’t be nice. It’s empty, as well.



So, plans crumbled, especially this week. This week reached the hottest it’s been here, summer was very cool compared. Actually hit 106 degrees, which I don’t remember this year having. Last year.. I think, but definitely not this year.

So, I couldn’t make tamales, because going out is dangerous, and also another week of low funds. An idiot got to go to Japan despite “financial issues” so I get confused on that.
I learned it’s really easy to do tamales! I can’t wait!

Ahem. So, aside getting a bunch of casino chips. I think I made a typo and called them coins instead of chips, but we’re spending rupees when we’ve been broke before, so I’ll leave it as an even-break as an inaccurate truth.

So, anyways…….. We’ve got the perfect anniversary pick, a shame it’s horribly late, but it’ll be top-tier quality! I hope.

Hm…. I don’t know what to talk about. Recent events has pretty much been failures of last week, the heat of this week, and art-practicing.

I’m about nearly half-way done with Berseria, and it is AWFUL.
Every damn time I play, I can only do it for about an hour before stopping.
It’s literally playing a C rate anime. The combat? Yeah, 1-2-3-4. That’s it. I’m bored of it. (more…)

The 7th Day of Glasses + Plans

So far, it’s been a week. I’ve gotten pretty used to these things, though they still have their problems, I’m enjoying being able to see, at least, when I look away from the computer monitor.

So far, 7 days… today’s the exact day I got them, so I’m wondering what else will happen/be done from throughout the week.


Since Monday

So far, I’ve been trying to get used to my glasses ASAP, I’m glad my vision isn’t so bad that I’m in need of them 24/7. At least it’s better than the example I provided earlier, but htat’s pretty much the idea, the father away, the weirder things get.

Anyways, Tuesday was the real turning point since it was the first time I actually walked outside with them fully. (more…)

Today’s the Day!

Today’s the very day I received my glasses.

I ended up knowing truly how blurry my normal vision is. Apparently, it’s really bad. I’m very near-sighted, and I mean VERY. My eye damage could’ve been prevented so much earlier..

Apparently the $65 was for the down payment to have it processed ASAP, I’d guess. Ended up with my glasses swiftly, and another $65 had to be paid for. Expensive, but mandatory. Wouldn’t have been this bad if I was given that care in Jr. High. I was literally told school was more important than me, to my very face. Of course I’m left sour with school and that.

Regardless, here’s what I’ve got!

IMG_20170808_000951.jpgThey’re a simple design, I picked something that stereotyped me in numerous ways. But, I liked them.

IMG_20170808_001040.jpgComplete with purple cleaning fabric. Very useful/I’ve been using that fabric a lot.

So, how bad is my eyesight by default/ Near-up front, it ain’t bad. But, anything that’s a little further, it gets worse and worse. I can’t even see the detail on leaves properly.

It made me realize how impacting it’d be, and to some extent, left me depressed knowing my eyes are this bad. I have to rely on glasses for the rest of my life.

IMG_20170704_202851.jpgThis blurry image? That actually sums up what I see when it comes to things in the distance. It’s not AS bad, but pretty awful. I can’t even see my own reflection clearly, apparently. Near/when I’m up close, I can.

IMG_20170704_202854.jpgThis is what I now see with glasses.

I looked at some older pictures, and my dog ended up being the perfect example of my eyes.


I’m trying to get used to it as soon as I can, but it’s difficult. Tired eyes, dizziness, light headaches, temporary blindness when removing them. It’s tough.

But… it feels amazing to see the clear signs and the pavement below me. I can see anything and everything. It feels.. good.

I spent my whole day trying to adjust to them. I’ve made progress, but I’m not sure how long it’ll last/how good the progress is, the only real way to tell is to sleep and wake up.

Longer term use ended up with longer after-blindness, which annoyed me because I wanted to try jogging home from the last few steps, but couldn’t due to head hurting.

Well, I do need to train my eyes to adjust faster with putting them on and taking them off, anyways.


The person that I knew?

So, on the way to the optometrist (still so very excited)

I was told about a person I once knew during my ironic pre-and-into blindness years.
It was a Saturday group, and the kids were dragged into it and they all became friends, usual Asian stuff, or so I’d assume.

I fell out of it pretty fast, fortunately.

However, the parents are still connected, even if the children aren’t.

What does this mean? Gossip!

So, one kid named Steven, I knew him up to a point where he was in Jr. high, and that was it. (more…)

How glasses can change a person.

Today, I finally, after years, ever since Jr. high….
I finally got to go to an optometrist and to top it off, I was allowed to get glasses.
Double on that, the glasses were going to cost a good hundred+, 129, but on the same day, we could get it for much less. Mother somehow had 65 bucks on hand, and then, I picked out frames.

My mom somehow kept mixing them up as display = purchase because they’re readily. That’s not how glasses work, I had to explain. It needed to be cut, because these are real honest to goodness, seeing eye glasses.

Now, none of that, important.
The biggest important part is, when he got temporary glasses for me to try on.

What I’ve seen was the attention to detail I miss, things I used to see as a child… (more…)