Granblue Fantasy

Double Super Ultra Hyper Lucky Bingo!?



The actual story is straightforward and is down below. In essence : I did NOT get punched, yet, and I felt mellow.


Currently – GBF

I have no idea how or why my swift write-up of GBF disappeared, good going, WordPress.

So, from the point of the 10-draw event to now, here’s the results.
I also bought a Yodarha because I’ve been needing great water, and he’s nice to have for things like Slime farming in co-op.


Societte’s been my life saver, but god damn it. Dark Cagliostro. I’ve had to pick between her/him and an old man. I gave in for the physically older and physically more man.
Damn it. I could’ve picked other things if my luck was gonna pull up a Cagliostro.

I’ve also pulled up Satan just two days ago from a random 3k crystal draw. Yet, another dark summon. That I don’t need.

Otherwise, I’ve been farming Diablo and trying to fully uncap him. Almost there, just 10/20 auto runs on VH.

Then I can begin on Corow for my light team.

Phew. Fun. Grind. Auto. Yeah, not as fun as it should be. Oh well.


So, I haven’t used this section at all. I guess it’s because it’s hard to write about characters we want, get, and whatnot?

I think the biggest issue is that there’s not much to write about.

The most recent thing I did was rush the hell out of the final Rise of the Beast hour, and got 100 in every token for the SSR. I did the same thing when we both first started playing. Nostalgic.

I guess I”ll leave this section as is, solely for archiving purposes of our lives. That and I may be given a reason to fully utilize it soon enough. I mean, I have Vaseraga. I’m his waifu. I don’t have the body hair or muscle yet, to consider myself his husbando.

Grindblue Fantasy!

So far, a certain someone decided to ragebuy something, so we both have our waifus. Vaseragas is mine. White day, he proposed to me! I had to become a girl just to hear his sweet voice.

So far, mostly grinding. Other than all the crap characters we’ve been getting and whatnot. I don’t know what to say. We’re trying to get stuff, though. Wind! Casino coins are apparently super, super easy to get.