Final Fantasy Dissidia Omnia Opera

FFDOO ~ Notes & More

A couple of notes for FFDOO, since it’s easier to clarify every bit of information and touch up on things in one massive wall rather than minor edits to every page.

Here, I explain CP and give a run-down on general stuff. (more…)


FFDOO ~ Character Growth

A funny thing. BRV DEF implies you have normal DEF, but HP is always a fixed value due to how Dissidia works.

I’m going to transcribe and pseudo-translate skills that you equip using CP.

CP is gained from equipment, with full uncaps (4 items, 3 copies, fusion process), giving the most CP available. (Cash grab style.)

I’ll not list CP due to the fact that, if one’s looking at English’d things, they’d already know and have CP costs down.

This is a major work-in-progress.
Awakening Levels are as follows – the major point is at every 5 levels, unless under circumstances. Other rule of thumb is Awakening LV 20 = 2ND ability.

I’m inconsistent with adding the names, because they don’t really serve a purpose. You simply need to know what ability does what. Cross reference the CP cost with the skill you gain, and you’re set. It’s relatively straight forward, and the chances of having a maxed Awakening 50 character isn’t exactly high due to the grind.