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Revisiting Mabinogi – The Changes

So, Mabinogi’s most recent update revamps skills, most skills have Dan ranks now, which are mastery bonuses, so to speak. Rank 1 now goes to Dan 1, Dan 2, and Dan 3, or D1-D3.

Unfortunately, we can only succeed once per day, and we both have a lot of skills.
I returned much too late, barely catching the bits of the event. My regret, not reading about the event earlier, despite LOOKING AT IT.

The grind’s been cut, or was cut during the event, with some event goodies that we barely still have.

So far, the lackluster content has been Giant Renewal V..3? 4? How many have there been..? With people complaining, but there’s a lack of players in NA, and a lack of giants being a pretty common thing. Stupid players keep trying to act like a majority, when they’re but one person. In fact, there’s many elves complaining about a skill set, but see here… there’s not many giants to even offer complaints, even if it’s complaining -with- the elves.

Then, the following event was the memento update, which is just another grind. I hear it’s pretty damn good if you’re lucky, though. Echo stones can have amazing reforges.

Then, we get the Advancement update. The old system wasn’t good, or bad, but it was what it was. Unfortunately, all the old stuff is gone.

I revisited the game because I was reminiscing and missing out on the good times we both had.. and since we can’t afford FF XIV, sorry to the guild we were in, we have to turn to somethin’.

I was leaning on PSO2, and still need to go through PSO2, but between drawing and getting attendances, I’ve not much space for PSO2. Plus I idle, relax, and do other stuff.

Oh well… there’s really cool cast parts I need to try buying ASAP, but the grind for meseta, damn it all.

So, in summary of Mabinogi’s recent updates, there’s now a reason to rank skills to 1, except a catch is that you need to raise it to 100 before you can attempt Dan 1, and repeat the whole process for every level, but the requirements are MUCH easier (or so I’d like to believe), and it allows the game to have a new sense of progression. Was this necessary? NO, we still have OLD skills that need to be OFFICIALLY UNCAPPED. Rank 6 is the limit for many skills still. Many of which have become obsolete. Looking at you, First Aid.

However, this is actually a very positive, and good step. This also allows people who don’t pay for reforges/anything cash-powered, to actually gain a little boost in power. The strong may get stronger, but the weaker players can now actually gain strength to some degree.

Phew. Today I need to get two new dans for both of us, since my boy’s gonna’ be busy, tired, n’ occupied. While I.. need to sleep soon. It’s very late. Or early. Good lord.

I’ll be out cold for a while, and it’s still hot. My PC has gotten hotter, and I’m pretty sure the thermal paste is starting to wear…or..burn away. It wasn’t this hot earlier, so that’s annoying. Thermal paste isn’t easy to get for plebs. It’s stupid! Why can’t I just get a simple mediocre med-specs based PC?!

Regardless, that’s everything thus far with games.
Haven’t had a chance to revisit LaTale, but we’re planning on getting our old mains up. A shame I dun goofed and did a few mistakes regarding equipment, so I technically screwed our current mains up a little. Oh well, nothing I can’t remedy, by technical means. I’m just very lazy.


Mabinogi – Archive

The last time we were in Mabinogi was when they had the Fate/Stay event. We thought about the art competition in the forums. He knew we’d win, but we didn’t enter. Turns out, he was completely right. We missed free easy NX. Everyone just drew over things instead of referencing things, and well, the art bluntly sucked. I actually do have better pictures, but we’ve been procrastinating on scanning stuff. We’ll have it dealt with eventually.

Unfortunately for me, I didn’t have enough coins for an Excalibur, it was the final day, and we didn’t know, at all. Nexon’s Mabinogi launcher doesn’t hold any real info, the dates can only be seen in two forms, on a fan-wiki, or Nexon’s website/news section. So, I have all those excess coins I can’t do anything with because Nexon couldn’t be bothered to leave the damned NPC there for an extra week. Any developer would be wise enough to know that if you’re having coin-based crap, leave the damned npc there for people like me. MapleStory has problems so bad that only recently are they making an NPC that will convert it’s coins. Coins. There are over 20 different event coins in MapleStory. All of which will never have a use again. (more…)