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The last time we were in Mabinogi was when they had the Fate/Stay event. We thought about the art competition in the forums. He knew we’d win, but we didn’t enter. Turns out, he was completely right. We missed free easy NX. Everyone just drew over things instead of referencing things, and well, the art bluntly sucked. I actually do have better pictures, but we’ve been procrastinating on scanning stuff. We’ll have it dealt with eventually.

Unfortunately for me, I didn’t have enough coins for an Excalibur, it was the final day, and we didn’t know, at all. Nexon’s Mabinogi launcher doesn’t hold any real info, the dates can only be seen in two forms, on a fan-wiki, or Nexon’s website/news section. So, I have all those excess coins I can’t do anything with because Nexon couldn’t be bothered to leave the damned NPC there for an extra week. Any developer would be wise enough to know that if you’re having coin-based crap, leave the damned npc there for people like me. MapleStory has problems so bad that only recently are they making an NPC that will convert it’s coins. Coins. There are over 20 different event coins in MapleStory. All of which will never have a use again. (more…)