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Moments in Elsword – Equipment 1

“I need more atk spd.” “I need to socket for more atk spd.” I keep telling him to check his gear. I keep telling him to upgrade. What does he do? Completely NPCs the Hamel equipment series. The dangers of equipment with him.

I always have to manage his account because he’s not bright with equips! It’s happened so many times! My god! Boy, you’re lucky I’m doing these things for you.

I was wondering if he even got it, and then I had to make sure what equips give what. He even got rid of the first Sander item?! Even at +6 the equips aren’t so bad, socket rangers are decent, and we’re just trying to raise things up to secret dungeon equipment.

So, I’ve been trying to deal with his stuff. Raven’s gotten the shaft once more, there’s barely any Raven equipment, he’s using a lv52 sword. blade.

Seriously, what hell, child?

At least have the item on hand and let me ruin it with a failed attempt. Not just dispose of it on “accident’ as you innocently claim.



Currently, Elsword.

Our first status update with Elsword. A category that needed to finally be used.

We’ve been doing random stuff on our Lu/Ciel for a while, our accounts had K-Ching we forgot about, so we both got Transcendence. Cheap and lazy, but we don’t party with others, nor do we have the equipment to easily tackle 20 Secret Dungeons. 20? Absurd. 10? Completely reasonable over a span of 5 days. It would take us 10 days to achieve Transcendence at our current pacing. We’ve better things to do. Like raise these characters to become capable of farming and speeding through a number of things for our accounts.

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KoG and the Curious Lack of Standards

You know, I didn’t know the “Team’ at KoG was this bad. In fact, I should’ve known. They accepted a bad dub, full well knowing it’s a terrible dub. All to appease their money spenders, who are “old school diehard anime fans”.

That’s not how dubs even work. You want good dubs? We DO have them, and they WERE timeless.

Hell, most of the older anime dubs did suck, but they were good because they were perfect. Pokemon? As someone who watched most of it in Japanese, just because, I learned how fitting the voices actually were, and that some parts of it did actually get proper translations. In season 1, where Kojiro is the background, he goes “Chou” repeatedly, in English, we get James saying “Cool”. The main problem was that someone decided riceballs is too Asian. I never understood what a jelly filled donut was, that looked like that.

A company that doesn’t actually love their game, and trash it every turn. Amazing. We’re going to quit eventually, but for now, we’re having fun -together-. If I was alone, I’d quit in a heartbeat. This shit sickens me..


Aishas and Elswords 2

Okay, I found a more perplexing problem with the English dub.

Aside the fact that Eve is PROCESSED for no reason, the game tells files to play even more quiet than the actual clips themselves (mostly?)

The game itself plays voice clips at fairly low volumes, BUT, the biggest flaw is how sound effects are shared with voices, IE, same plane of existence, hence clashing audio to a point where if there’s so many hits on an enemy, let’s say, Gate of Darkness, audio actually gets muted.

Now, here’s my question.



Of Elswords and Aishas

Sound modding Elsword’s serious business. You can make or break the game with just one little thing, and technically cheat things by giving them sound effects/music cues. Aside all that, picking the right seiyuu for a JP voice mod is not easy.

The original basis is off of Tales, back when it wasn’t crap. I mean, why the hell do these stupid kids think Zestiria is cool? YOU ONLY GET 2 HUMANS, one’s a retard, and one’s absolute perfection. Alisha doesn’t count, and apparently, never will. Hello, classic tales?  You don’t even get costumes to unlock.

Berseria looks great? HELLO, PEOPLE. PIRATE DLC FOR PIRATE GAME, implication? No pirate costumes for pirates unless you pay. Also, the game ain’t done, and DLC for costumes already? Vesperia is their last great gem because everything was IN the game, EVEN ESTELLE’S POINTLESS COSTUME TITLE BEING HIDDEN AWAY JUST BECAUSE THEY CAN.