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Currently – GBF

I have no idea how or why my swift write-up of GBF disappeared, good going, WordPress.

So, from the point of the 10-draw event to now, here’s the results.
I also bought a Yodarha because I’ve been needing great water, and he’s nice to have for things like Slime farming in co-op.


Societte’s been my life saver, but god damn it. Dark Cagliostro. I’ve had to pick between her/him and an old man. I gave in for the physically older and physically more man.
Damn it. I could’ve picked other things if my luck was gonna pull up a Cagliostro.

I’ve also pulled up Satan just two days ago from a random 3k crystal draw. Yet, another dark summon. That I don’t need.

Otherwise, I’ve been farming Diablo and trying to fully uncap him. Almost there, just 10/20 auto runs on VH.

Then I can begin on Corow for my light team.

Phew. Fun. Grind. Auto. Yeah, not as fun as it should be. Oh well.

La Tale – Currently

So, I have a few things to do in regards to La Tale. Some self-imposed goals regarding some video-related things from OGP’s end, and more.

With how things have gone, I finally experienced quite a bit of the game, and can actually make a 1-200 guide. Of course, there’s a bunch of ego-tards who claim you can get to 200 in a day. No. Many variables show that you need a minimum of 5 or so days, of hard core playing. Of course, people who do have lives, it would take them a month depending on their rate, and if they have a 100% Quest Reward booster on.

I’m kind of feeling demotivated to make any type of guide, chart, or any type of information since it’ll likely go to waste, but in this world, one’s words, no matter how little, may actually have an influence. If it’s just one person, who, I don’t know, found a new simple hobby they can enjoy out of it, or gain ideas for how to create something because of a week stint in La Tale. I dunno. It’s hard to say/think about, since the irony is, even if you touch someone’s life, you’ll never know unless they say it. That’s the internet in a nutshell, at least, the positives of it.

With the level cap being 235, the grind is very real. You’ve got lots of people ignorantly not knowing and claiming the game has gotten “easier”, when the real game begins at 200+, it’s similar to how Final Fantasy XIV’s end-game is quite far in. The speed at which one levels has been doubled, if not, tripled from it’s earlier days. But, more level caps and more content change it all.

Regardless, there’s much to do with La Tale, and I want to write about it’s beautiful music at some point.

Eorzea Recap

Ever since my posts, we’ve gone quite far in Final Fantasy XIV, and we’ve explored Eorzea heavily. Heavensward is around the corner, and then Stormblood, which is apparently when we’ll leave Eorzea, if only temporarily.

We’ve also joined a Free Company, it’s unfortunately small, so there’s not really much in activity. I’m kind of hoping we’d get new recruits applying somehow, but it’s hard to think of how. I’m almost tempted to ask for a temporary raise in position so I can try doing recruitment.

I feel like I should’ve just tried to make our own Free Company, one specifically for new adventurers looking for a safe haven from all the spam invites. Something they can feel 0 attachment to and leave, or help grow/be a part of.


La Tale – General Progression

This will be a rather straightforward look on how one progresses in the early stages of La Tale, which is important to know. Be it solo, duo, trio, or more, there are a few ways to level, but until any divergence, you’re stuck in a fairly straightforward path that almost hand-feeds you a level 50 character, if not, much higher. All it takes is less than an hour.


La Tale – Introduction

With La Tale being re-released, I want to help it in some form/way, and I doubt I can actually get information spread, but hopefully, it’ll find it’s own use/relevancy in due time. I like the game, and want it to survive/become something again. It’s not like MapleStory, which is in an ultimate downhill spiral.

In short, La Tale is a fun 2D side-scrolling adventure. The game-play is reminiscent of the “Tales of” series from Japan. All action takes place in a 2D plane where you can chain together abilities which are ultimately combos.

There are numerous classes which will be discussed elsewhere.


Eorzea [Day 6 & 7]

The 6th day was a surprise. The date was June 7 2017, and I had only woken up via phone call, except when I was woken up, it was over the prospect of Final Fantasy XIV – registration. I had a terrible sleep and required an extra hour from that point.
I was sleepy and didn’t really realize it, but we’d cancel our hang-out day and play FF14, as actual players.
Thus, I woke up an hour later after that, and when I awoke, I found my account activated and then some. I was somewhat dazed after waking up. Thinking “what did I get into?”

Day 6 – We began our play session at practically 7PM.
We blend into June 8, until 5AM.
Day 7 We then resumed on June 8, and bled into June 9.
We played practically 24 hours in only 2 days. Unhealthy, very much! So very unhealthies!!

Day 6 summary – The 6th day was extensive game-play, almost 12 hours straight! This day saw us getting retainers! I also learned about macros.

The 7th day saw us doing quite a number of things. We joined a Grand Company, and got our personal Chocobos! Just as bad as, actually, worse than the 6th day, we both over-played. Normally I play far late into the game doing misc. things.
We both learned macros!

Because of how we’ve been playing, I’ve gotten my time mixed up and didn’t realize much. We’ve been going nuts with the game.


Eorzea Day 5 Bonus Pictures

I want to show off some more of Eorzea’s beauty, so here.

Maybe the Free Trial’s all we’ll need, maybe we’ll want/need more. Only time and adventuring will tell, for what’s beyond our trial may be more trials. We know not.

It’s a beautiful game and beautiful world though, and it’s a healthy MMO, to boot. One doesn’t even need to play constantly. We may even stop after 3 months if we cap off depending. Or we’ll just duo things and join randoms/become good enough to join randoms and aim for success. I dunno.

Regardless of choices, that doesn’t change the beauty one can find. In the Free Trial alone, you can experience much. It’s a shame with how restrictive they are on it, and it’s a bit more of a shame that the free trial and playing capabilities expire once you go “full”.
It’s kind of unfair how one can progress and do a lot of crazy things at no expense.

The best advice I can give anyone interested is… Free Trial for a bit, stretch out your trial time as much as you can, find a comfortable place, and then pay. It’s an investment that you can always return to after that, but while it’s free, do what you can/make of it what you will. Especially those who can’t afford to actually pay for it, you’re still getting an amazing experience and can still do things with others, at least, up until LV 35. You’re only 15, 25, and 35 shy of the level cap.