[Howlitzer] Mr. Raccon Dog?

This one’s a little confusing on how it happened, it stemmed from the Doki Doki Lit. Club garbage, because a certain someone insisted on sharing his experience, so he wouldn’t have to go through it alone. It ended up as absolute garbage with pretty gimmicks/tricks.

A poem featured words, while listening, a certain someone nitpicked, Raccoon, and Night. Then he jokingly said tanuki. Then I decided, WHY NOT?! And after quite a bit of time spent working on it, it happened.

Summary : I don’t know if he’s a raccoon, or a dog, but whatever he is, he exists.



[Howlitzer] Sauna Fox

I literally dreamt of something like this.

Seriously, what the hell was that about. I was looking for a job, wound up at a buffet talking with two older gentlemen, one being Volkanon from Rune Factory 4. They handed me a brochure for training to help me get…the job… I guess.

It was a Fate/Extella styled training camp. Yes.
It was to train a person to have the power to fight a heroic spirit.

Then, randomly, there was a spread of Fox in a barely-safe position, but I can’t remember exactly what it was, but he definitely was naked. Unfortunately, I couldn’t remember when I got around to drawing, I had plans but fell asleep, I’ve been pushing my eyes hard these days.fox1.png

[Howlitzer] Fate/Altera

Another test at drawing more females.
Good practice, but definitely no good. She just doesn’t resemble Altera enough.
I can safely say it was good practice, though.
First continuation from when I got glasses, at least.
A shame I have a good backlog, yet I keep making new things. Only because I have to balance cleans with not-cleans.