[Howlitzer] Fate/Altera

Another test at drawing more females.
Good practice, but definitely no good. She just doesn’t resemble Altera enough.
I can safely say it was good practice, though.
First continuation from when I got glasses, at least.
A shame I have a good backlog, yet I keep making new things. Only because I have to balance cleans with not-cleans.

[Howlitzer] Yohei!

So, lotsa things happened, lotsa stuff. Blah blah blah, Yohei.

I’ve been too busy with the lands of Eorzea to actually write about Eorzea.  I can’t wait to one day leave it, so I may explore the new beautiful lands that await us.

Anywho, I like Yohei. So, I had to draw him, but it was when I was feeling down. So, that’s why he’s wounded like that. Because I was feeling like I should try to stand up, but couldn’t, but didn’t want to just give up. So, that’s that.

Yohei is my husbandowaifu. That is all.