Hokuto *Seijyuurou

*Should probably be read as “Seijuro” seeing as Toukyou is read as Tokyo. You know, because Aksys isn’t consistent. Tokyo Xanadu is a mess, but it’s a good game if you can withstand the shitjob from Aksys. They did not touch up any previous existing lines in the PS4 version from Vita, at least, from what I saw.

Did coloring practice, feeling good about it. I’m learning more and more every week, despite losing so much. I’ve been lazy and slow due to losing everything, but I’m trying to get back on track.

Will link to tumblr because I don’t know.

Red Earth!

So, I’ve always liked Leo. I’ve always wondered about the game he was from, since Capcom kind of didn’t care of Red Earth/War-Zard, which turned out to be an amazingly fun game with lots of loldifficulty at the very end. Typical coin-eaters.

So, I ended up clearing it, and surprisingly, under 20 lives! I thought I died more than that. The sprites are amazing, and getting it running on a PS3 was a pain. I would’ve emulated it normally if it didn’t work, but to get it working, it felt good! Anyways, I decided to be dedicated on Leo and finally finished.leo1.png