[Grimmelkin] Saber

Coloring test, nothing too special this time, had fun though! Artoria!


Thanksgiving’s Day 2017 Finale



I’ll end our “celebration” of sorts, by also adding an introduction to who we are and what we do, and possibly why we do it.

It’s fun to do things together like this, and I’m hoping we do it often enough.

It’s a bunch of pages/comic stuff I started, because I was thinking… why not go the full distance? So, here you have it. What is Scalding Hot Tea, and why? Why specifically Scalding Hot Tea? Of course, we still don’t have answers for everything. (more…)

Thanks! 2017 Edition!

So… this one’s gonna be difficult and chock full of pictures, but every random like, and even the occasional comment we’ve seen on WordPress… well, we should give our thanks somehow. So, yeah. Thanks to every random person who’s ever clicked “like” or ever said anything decent here. We’re nothing, nobodies, so to have some sort of response, it does feel good.

The last stop is our empty FaceBook, which I don’t even know why we have one, but we do. Wheeeeeeee.



[Grimmelkin] A New Journey

Another game, another dimension and another Nebby.
Hopefully everyone’s new journey through Alola proves to be as exciting as the first one.
Saying that. I still like the Sun and Moon’s Protagonist. Simple and effective design! Anyways.

I’ve been studying new, well… basic drawing techniques. Starting over from scratch! Hopefully it shows the results of my training!