[Howlitzer] Fate/Altera

Another test at drawing more females.
Good practice, but definitely no good. She just doesn’t resemble Altera enough.
I can safely say it was good practice, though.
First continuation from when I got glasses, at least.
A shame I have a good backlog, yet I keep making new things. Only because I have to balance cleans with not-cleans.

Sure fire way to get better at art! Kinda, maybe. Not really?

I was bothered to type more. I mean I agree I should, but still. I’ve been so occupied.

This will also sound generic as all hell.
I suppose I’ll try to mix it up.

The most sure fire way to get better at art, is to simply keep drawing.

That would be a lie. If you kept drawing without knowing what you’re doing wrong, you’d just be repeating your mistakes. I’ve done it so much. The best thing I can do is state what I did to get better. I’m not qualified to say it, but at least I can say that I’ve gotten substantially better from the very beginning.