[Grimmelkin] Chilliarch

Been practically a year huh? I decided to revisit Lu and draw her other branch! Unfortunately no Ciel this time, maybe next time.


[Howlitzer] Mr. Raccon Dog?

This one’s a little confusing on how it happened, it stemmed from the Doki Doki Lit. Club garbage, because a certain someone insisted on sharing his experience, so he wouldn’t have to go through it alone. It ended up as absolute garbage with pretty gimmicks/tricks.

A poem featured words, while listening, a certain someone nitpicked, Raccoon, and Night. Then he jokingly said tanuki. Then I decided, WHY NOT?! And after quite a bit of time spent working on it, it happened.

Summary : I don’t know if he’s a raccoon, or a dog, but whatever he is, he exists.