Art Plans

Phew… so, once again it’s up to me to write somethin’. I’ve written enough for today.

Ahem. Anyways..

First step is most likely come up with an anniversary picture. Something to mark when we went into creating things for changing/bettering ourselves and other numerous personal reasons.

1 – Anniversary Image.
We need to discuss what kind of image and how it’ll be done, and who’ll do what. We’re also debating what site should get what.
I mean, even though our WordPress gets almost no views, we do get the occasional visits and likes, so I should at least give thanks to that. I guess it’s more spiritual than anything.

2 – Collaboration.
While this does tie in with 1, we also need to consider doing more, and actually doing things together. Why share, if we don’t do anything together?
I mean, we play games together, as is, and we draw together, but separately.
It’s just a little over a year since then.

3 – Requests. So, I know some people have actually wanted to make requests to my boy’s art, the problem being is we don’t have any terms, and on the off-chance that a request is directed towards me, I have no idea how to handle that. (more…)

[Howlitzer] Fate/Altera

Another test at drawing more females.
Good practice, but definitely no good. She just doesn’t resemble Altera enough.
I can safely say it was good practice, though.
First continuation from when I got glasses, at least.
A shame I have a good backlog, yet I keep making new things. Only because I have to balance cleans with not-cleans.

Sure fire way to get better at art! Kinda, maybe. Not really?

I was bothered to type more. I mean I agree I should, but still. I’ve been so occupied.

This will also sound generic as all hell.
I suppose I’ll try to mix it up.

The most sure fire way to get better at art, is to simply keep drawing.

That would be a lie. If you kept drawing without knowing what you’re doing wrong, you’d just be repeating your mistakes. I’ve done it so much. The best thing I can do is state what I did to get better. I’m not qualified to say it, but at least I can say that I’ve gotten substantially better from the very beginning.

A year ALREADY?!

It’s about time four our first-ever anniversary of founding our stuff… I guess this week, it’ll be commemorating our own achievements. Alone.
Just the two of us. How.. sad.

I feel alright with it… I guess. I just wish we could somehow have a moderately sizable following, but hey, if even one person cares, then we’ve been doing right by others’ eyes. Our goal was personal, still is, and well… it’s been a year, huh?
We’ve really been going at it since then. It feels really good. I mean, really, really good. Never letting up. The only problem is, he hasn’t posted much, and I’ve been doing more posting than anything. That’s still a problem. From now on, that changes. He’s going to be posting more, even if it’s meaningless drivel.

Regardless…. I have plans to come up with. (more…)

The subject of Weebs and OCs + Fur.

What is a weaboo? Internet slang for… person that pretends to be Japanese.

I’m typing this up as a follow-up to the reddit rant, because it covers the user archetypes and stereotypes, complete with generalization of the very same types of people you can find commonly on the internet.

Aside informing the uninformed, if that’s even possible, it also covers several points in how to know who’s a weeb the very moment you see them.
The biggest giveaway is -almost- always an anime icon. (IE picture of character from an anime, or a scene from an anime). There is no place for manga with many weaboo

I don’t know all, but I can say I know a lot. Also, I’m studying actual japanese for fun, not pretending to understand it. I only understand what I understand, and apparently, it’s farther than most weebs can ever dream to reach. Fortunately.

I will also be covering Furries, I mean, if anyone needs writing reference for people that -do- exist in reality. I mean, they are pretty frightening. It’s pretty ridiculous.

Lettuce Begin! (more…)

Of Reddits and Arts.

So, blah blah blah, ever since then, he’s randomly made uploads, blah blah blah.

Here’s the things I’m told about and things I read, summed up in a nutshell.

I am so sick of these ego-tripping teenage twats that say such things and act like they’re better for the sole sake of attention. I reverse searched these people because I needed to know more, to see what goes on in their minds and seeing how they like “terrible” art more than actual non-terrible art.

My biggest problem is, these people can’t actually bother to draw, and they have no ability to do so, so why are they critiquing it? Did anyone validly ask for critique? The one time it was asked, the guy literally didn’t read right, and put his own “knowledge” into play.