Story of a Holiday? Kinda. Not Really.

Been awhile since I posted a text based thing! Well, I’ve been occupied with a bunch of things happening. First of all, my 3DS stopped working suddenly. While I was at my most vulnerable! Playing Pokemon! Ahem.

Due to things happening, I had to make a decision on whether to get a PS4 or to get another 3DS. Gain a new library or to recover mines. Given the shortage of time I ended up deciding the latter on black friday. Prior to the 3DS busting, I lost all my digitals/saves loaded on the SD card due to immense luck! So in the end I decided to just get a new 3DS, one that is under my name and wallet. sad.

The busy week led to me fall behind in my writing. However, it did not prevent me from drawing/practicing my skills. You see, in my art I’m trying to perfect the style of it and to get an appeal out of it. I noticed I don’t upload many pictures with guys in it, but I draw them also! It’s actually due to the fact that I upload drawings that I do of other series or games. However, there are designs and drawings I do individually. Which in turn means. I have to draw males. I suppose I should work on more water colors with male characters, but that’s difficult since I’m trying to improve also! Anyways, I’m rambling.

I’m constantly trying to improve my proportions and basic skills. However, I finally settled with a style I’m relatively comfortable with, but can improve upon it. A lot of ideas. So much to do! Maybe by next week I’ll do a Pokemon Sun/Moon drawing! I will work upload at least two images this week to make up for everything!


“Stealing Art” Isn’t Such a Big Deal?

This is a bit of a so-so topic that came across my mind. You see, on a regular basis you have people talk about others stealing their art work and claiming credit upon the arts that they have made. Most of which is, well, fair enough.

However, there is many instances where that it’s unavoidable and well, pointless to counteract against. Now, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t protect your work and rightfully claim at as your own, but is it really that big of a deal?


Goals of Grimmelkin

Hello! Weird.

I don’t think I’ll ever figure out how to start up a blog post. I’m someone who can only learn things by studying or figuring out how things work by copying. Copying by figuring out how people do it. However, downside of that is well… I become very unable to come up with things that separate from that structure.

It’s also a bit strange because this may be a bit late to actually say now of all this, but I digress.


Sen no Kiseki I

Trails of Cold Steel.

It’s a PS3 game, it’s outdated, right?

HAHAHAHA. Show me how many games can make talking to NPCs enjoyable?

The thing I love most about Sen no Kiseki is that every NPC is interesting.

Whenever I play, even if I don’t have combat, I spend at least 2 hours on NPCS and talking. Every time I start up the game, I’m living a part of that world (more…)

Laziness – Part #58573

So far, so…passive.

Nothing’s been happening as of late due to the usual stuff. Boy’s been bugged by the queen to a point where we can’t even have proper conversations. She’s that annoying.

We’ve both been trying to get jobs. Not going so well.

Meanwhile, the dirt bag known as “brother” isn’t doing anything. He’s actually planning on saving money to go to his girlfriend for a whole week. The same brat who left my boy to deal with a water pipe bursting. He didn’t want to call off a sick day and just walked past, as if nothing was wrong.

I’m irritated.

A few days ago, on Thursday, I fried up a bunch of stuff. The brat was asked, and said he wanted a little, whatever that meant. 2 small drumsticks, 5-6 onion rings, 7-8 french fries, 3 fish sticks. The whiny baby also wanted a fork to eat it with.

He ate the child’s menu. He ate the french fries and fish sticks, and tried to make it look like he ate the chicken/onion rings. He threw out a nearly intact piece of chicken.

Same brat who goes on about being a knight, can’t even say he can finish it. Decides to just toss it. I scavenged it out of the trash because I wanted to give the cats something. Two cats, a black cat, and something known as Mango. They ate the chicken happily. This wouldn’t be possible if the chicken was thrown away.

I didn’t even get a thanks, my boy, who handed the food to the brat, was given a thanks.

Yeah, real nice. I nearly got burned repeatedly, even have an oil stain on my shirt, and I don’t get any words?

his excuse would be as typical as “not feeling well”, and you know what? I was told that he actually said he was hungry before I arrived. Suddenly, he’s not hungry and can only handle that much.

Yeah, sure. He always does that, saying things as if he was a victim.

Narcs..I hate them… this kid doesn’t even know what death feels like, he isn’t aware of it, no one around him has died other than a grandma. One that made him act like family bonds are important and that he wants to keep close contact with his other relatives. That’s how shallow he is.

A brat that claims to be a knight, yet the only milk he can handle is the most pasteurized milk, and he can only drink it with chocolate. Yeah, someone who’s almost 30, can only drink milk if it’s Chocolate milk. Not any kind, mind you. Hershey’s SYRUP chocolate milk.

That’s what this “knight” “guardian” “hero” is. He doesn’t even realize that he’s labeled himself as so many things that contradict each other. How does one be a hero, and then proceeds to be a drifter? I don’t understand. How can you claim to be a knight if you can’t think about anyone that isn’t you? How can you be a guardian if you run away from common spiders? How can you drift if you’re a hero? And why a hero? Because some class in a game says it. Meanwhile, drifting came from another game as a title.

Isn’t it funny how one can exist because of copyrights?

Almost 30, mind you.

He’s even got his girlfriend playing his games. Calls him Senpai. Yeah, um.. if my girlfriend was nearly 10 years younger, I’d rather have her call me sensei, less creepy, more honest.

But, that means she doesn’t think of him higher than a senpai, and to say what everyone else says, that’s funny. “love”, it’s beautiful.

I don’t know, the most infuriating part of this is the fact my food/cooking got discarded despite being offered it. Perfectly good drumsticks simply tossed out, because he couldn’t handle getting his hands oily. Same brat who has said he can’t stand 2 days without showering.

I’m practically on a once a week shower record. My health ain’t so great, and my habits aren’t so good. Yet, I don’t whine about not being clean, that’s the least of my problems.

Somehow, a pretty boy’s problem is his hair and his showers… what kind of knight gives two fucks about that?

He’s almost 30. Almost 30. Someone who’s almost 30 is going around trying to be a “great person” to teenagers.

You want to know how bad this person is? He keeps trying to flirt with teenagers. He tried being “dirty” with a blunt teenager. I clicked on her youtube profile, she checks out to be a complete and utter teenager.

What kind of 30 year old says crap about reaching “down” to a teenager?

He has no friends, they’re all online. You can literally ask him, and he’ll say “just a friend”. His mother asked “what friend?” and then he said “just a friend”, and kept trying to mask his “friend”, to a point where they got into an argument because he was giving attitude. The way he said it didn’t help, because he couldn’t give an answer to the question of “who? which friend?”.

He couldn’t answer it.

This loser thinks he’s married, to boot. Get married in a game, somehow thinks it applies everywhere.

His mother is st ill paying off his car. He even admitted it indirectly. He’s a dumbass who can walk into any word trap you set up.

I really hate people like that. Taking everything for granted.

Real world problems? There’s been a lot of deaths recently. My grandfather on my dad’s side, he’s gone. My dad can’t visit him, and that infuriates me. My dad can’t go to his funeral, he wasn’t by his dad’s side on his deathbed. My grandma on my mom’s side isn’t having any good luck either. My grandparents are pretty much all dying. I want to send my parents to Vietnam as soon as I can…

Meanwhile, some brat is trying to be a modern day romeo & juliet case, because the bimbo had to move to Northern California because she doesn’t have a job or a place to live in Southern California. You don’t even have a concept of death and you can act all woe is me…even joked about a black cat being dead. That black cat was in a bad place, and could have died.

That’s how shallow a near 30 year old can be, with a bunch of daddy issues and a strong need to get teenagers to call him brother, and daddy.

I have daddy issues. Because I want to be one. Not just one simply, but to be a good one. If I can’t be bound by blood, then I’d have to be one in other ways. see such a disgusting’s sickening.. All these teenagers have received little to no love from their parents, thus they seek it online… and the right person for that somehow is -him-..?

My boy was pretty irritated at talking with the brat. Why? Because the moron decided to complain about how he was in debt and needed to pay his girlfriend back. Saying crap about how “it’s not like that, it’s different” and crap. Then trying to tell my boy how it’s similar to a friend being loaned from. Um, yeah, I was used as a loan for money before that bitch appeared. Somehow, just somehow, that means nothing.

Same moron who keeps trying to imply that my boy gets a job to pay off HIS stuff. The brat can’t upkeep the internet, he claims. He’s pre-ordered a bunch of Wii U games, and acts like he has no money. Said he would be short $50. SAME VERY DAY, HE GOES TO FRY’S AND BUYS SOMETHING THAT TOTALS UP TO $50.

He has an Amiibo collection that totals up to nearly $800, including import Amiibos. Even went so far as to get a $60 Marth, which my boy didn’t actually ask for.

Same brat who tried to get my boy to get a 40 hour job for a “free” new 3ds. Can my boy get that? Due to circumstances, he can’t easily get it. In fact, last week never really happened because of the stress he has, literally…his body gets stressed out to a point where he actually slept through Wednesday. That almost never happens, but he’s been forced awake that often.

Yet, little ms. brat face took that for granted, even tried to make fun of it by saying something stupid, like.. “night, night, night, night”, when it was brought up that my boy had hardly been sleeping.

People try to say “it’s okay if you spend every now and then”, but with Amiibos… there’s this one case in specific with a snot nosed brat who acts like a hero of justice. He complains about not having enough money for bills, and doesn’t even pay off his car, his mother is. This is his third attempt at having a car, too. This brat could’ve saved up his money.

Sigh..people like that…

everything’s fragmented, but eh..that’s the only way I can clear up for now.

And you know what? The most recent drama I heard about was how he though he could keep a remaining $420 after being handed money to pay off his bills and the like. He argued with the queen, and in the end, he gave up and GAVE BACK THE MONEY. MEANING HE HAD IT ON HAND AND WAS TRYING TO SWINDLE HIS MOTHER, someone who he acts like is oh so precious.

Irony? My boy was trying to say how she was being annoying. The brat says how they just need to let her do whatever she wants/ignore it. Yet when the queen gets in the brat’s face, he whines like the world’s ending. How’s that fair? All he could do was bring up himself and his “money problems”. He has money problems because he keeps spending on crap he will never play. You think his Amiibo collection was necessary? He didn’t even buy his own Wii U, so what value is there in Amiibos?

He wants to save up money to fly to his North California girlfriend, and spend a week there while taking a week off work. Funny, isn’t it?

He didn’t even buy his Wii U or 3DS -and- New 3DS. His “girlfriend” did. All the Nintendo crap he has is from her. Funny, isn’t it? He got all of Nintendo handed to him.

How do people like that exist, I wonder. It’s truly a mystery.

There is no pity one can possibly give him. His life is that perfectly set. He’s had his job for over 10 years as a security, he doesn’t want to promote so he’s always remained in the same position. He complains about things, but always runs away to his room, while my boy is stuck living on the floor in a corner of the living room. Unable to escape the queen and her words. He gets food from his co-worker, whom he won’t call a friend. His “friends” don’t know what he’s really like and just talk to him/use him to kill some time/have someone to talk to, as far as I can tell.

Do I even have to remind people that he’s supposed to be a “big brother”? He put his online “family” before his offline family. My boy gets treated like crap/taken advantage of by that moron, they’re supposedly brothers, but not in our books.

He only will allow the borrowing of a Pokemon game, and never considered selling or giving his 3DS that he never used, to his little brother. He won’t even buy him food unless the queen’s paying. He even used my boy as a personal therapist one time. That’s how pathetic he can get. Same dipstick thought going to Cha2O would be good. That cost over $80. I was hoping to go to a buffet and pushed myself extra hard with exercise that day. He couldn’t even eat all his vegetables on his plate.. my boy and I cleaned our plates..and waited for him to finish his. We had the same meal. I ate everything, the brat couldn’t eat it at all. Says it’s his usual, too. Yet he can’t eat his veggies.

I mean, same wanna-be knight who won’t offer up his own things. He tried to offer up my boy’s PS3 when the brat’s 360 was brought up. That retard begged for his 360. It was supposed to be a “gift”, but it wasn’t, because he asked for it.

He was jealous as hell when my boy got a N3DS with no terms, free. Everything he said, his tone, his attitude, was obviously spiteful to a point where even one word, you’d know. He can’t hide crap.

One time, he hid a bunch of money to go the anime expo. It was a few hundred. Funny, huh? In that same year, he bitched about money problems.

Sigh… why can’t God break the rules just once… intervene with human life, just this one time. Smite down that moron, make him break a leg..

I don’t care what price is required..just do it…inflict pain and force him to suffer. Kill his girlfriend, she hails from a rich family and has rich people problems…

Such things..will never happen. Life always works out for morons like that. It’s unfair.

I can be jealous, but why? My food was thrown away by a brat who can’t man up and say anything. What reasons would I have?

I have my own issues, my boy’s been cold, so I’m starting to be cold because of that. I’m a reflection and byproduct. He wants to change, but that’s up to him. If the price is my emotions, then so be it.

I have no say, I signed up my life many times before, so whatever happens, happens. I’ve no control over what comes between us. I’ve felt warm despite feeling winter’s early chill. I laughed while crying. I mentally broke.

I’m now recovered and past that. I have to face reality. If I’m unhappy, that’s just how it goes. After all, my life isn’t the important thing here.

I live by a strange logic and a strange set of codes. Odd chivalry, if you will. Maybe too self-sacrificing, maybe not enough.

I don’t know, but I’ve learned from knights of all sorts.

I’ve even learned from this wanna-be. What I shouldn’t ever become. Seriously, he’s almost 30 and all his friends are teenagers that he only knows of online. He has probably 1 person who is above a teenager, but is still sad because that’s online-only.

“Friends’ mean nothing if you can “voice chat” and “text”.

Friends are everything when you actually see each other, eat together, and talk.

Family is what friends evolve into.

Inactivity, Opps.

Due to absolutely hilarious reasonings, I’ve been inactive in many ways than one. The old man has been maintaining the blog as per usual.
Although I was in charge with the blog’s design and its functions I keep forgetting, bare with me~
I blatantly forget things as well, so my bad.

The Omoerotic Adventures of Homochao.

Warning – This is an unemotionally invested fanfic parody, referencing what everyone does in fanfics. They go too far and always include themselves. I lost a bet and must dive into fanfic territory, but with a twist. These aren’t quite by a fan, nor do I care enough to say it’s a fic. Purely for fun, and to test my writing.

I hate fanfics and can care nothing for it, so I decided to follow what they do to see what’d happen. This is for my boy, anyways. He wants me to write anything, and I’ll try writing whatever I can. This all stemmed from the one time he genuinely misheard and misspoke the name as Homochao. Hence, I decided to run off of that. It was already decided on that it was about it, anyways. The tag line is “Don’t judge Homochao!” and “An Omoerotic adventure”

I can see the joy in writing these things, because it’s more or less a… what the hell, why not, and a “what goes on in my head, anyways?” And then such things happen. It’s fun, and I’d like to do more if they’re pleasant or decent.

The Omoerotic Adventures of Homochao.

It was a day like any other in the life of Tails.
As he was wandering around the beaches of the land of San Francisco, Tails spotted something on the ground. It was a broken chao-shaped robot. He picked it up and decided to take it back to his lab. One of many, conveniently placed in San Francisco.

He decided to patch it up and try to scan it for information. All data was corrupted, except the AI. The only other data he could find was a production code, GR-050, and some information on the chao-bot’s directives. It’s name was Omochao, and it was created to be an assistant/ information robot.

Upon booting it up to test if the repairs were fine, Tails input his name. The chao’s boot-up process was complete. It was unconventionally made, using a wind-up motor to keep it’s power. Amplified by Tails, it had to be wound up once per 24 hours.

It wasn’t long after that Omochao began to build his identity. Day after day, he assisted Tails with everything, from preparing coffee to the daily news. By the second week, Omochao became fully responsive, responding to everything. He had a complete and perfect library that spun several languages.

It wasn’t until that very week that things became weird. The chao was spurned into action, an action that was only vaguely set as his directive. To assist, he thought to himself. His level of sentience was making itself apparent. He felt grateful for being wound up every day, being opened and operated on. Sensing touch and translating it into feelings. It was then that Tails needed to use the bathroom…

Tails headed to the bathroom. It was then and there that he saw Omochao in the bathroom. “I’m here to assist you.” “Uh…no thanks, I don’t need any help here.” “But, I’m here to assist you.” “I don’t need any assistance.” “Prime directive : assistance” “Override! Password – 7 rings in hand; system reboot.”

The chao was shut down, if only for a moment. Tails took the time to do what he needed to do, and then he  took it back to his lab and rewrite it’s code. While analyzing the problem, the chao began to shake violently. The chao let out a slightly eerie sound. Tails stopped the analysis and decided to get Sonic, who was conveniently at a park near by.

“Sonic, you have to help me!” “What’s up, Tails?” “This robotic chao I found on the beach is trying to do horrible things to me!” “Like what?” “Things that we’ve seen on the internet!” “Whoa, that’s awful!” “Yeah, I know, right? Seriously, I need some help here!” “Alright, slow down, buddy. Let’s go back to your lab first.”

An eerie screech rang out through the park. A distorted voice spoke. “You don’t have to, I’m right here.” The chao appears out of nowhere and attacks the two using everything Tails had in his lab. “A word of warning would’ve been nice!” “I didn’t know he’d raid my whole lab like that!” Sonic’s battle with the chao began.

“Homing attack at 6 o’ clock!” Sonic curls and flies towards a missile. It’s instantly destroyed.
Omochao turns his head backwards, watching Tails as he tried to sneak up on the chao to rewire it. “I’m going to assist you by getting rid of your enemy.” “Sonic’s my best friend!” “That’s not what you tell me…” Sonic stops. “You talk about me behind my back?” “Well..a little, but in my defense, you’re not perfect. And who doesn’t talk about someone every now and then?” “You have a point, I’ve told Amy a lot of things.” “You talk about me to Amy?” “It’s the only way to shut her up.” “See, this is the kind of attitude that leads me to ranting.” “Congratulations, you ranted to a homicidal chao robot who now wants me dead.”
“Hey, don’t judge Homochao, at least he listens!” “Now you’re giving it a misleading name? Genius, buddy. Genius.”

The chao stood there, wondering. He had been given a special name, something that he learned was a sign of affection, appreciation, love, and respect. He was known as Homochao. It was a cross between homicidal and homing attackable. It was the first, and last time he felt that appreciation.

It was only then that Eggman appeared. Having spectated it since he detected it. He ended up with knowledge of this chao, and did his research on it. “Oh, ho ho ho ho ho!” “GR-050, my grandfather’s prototype assistant robot. I like how it’s homicidal, like me.” Tails, perplexed, wondered what the good doctor would do. “What do you plan with Homochao?”
Eggman stared. “What a misleading name for a homicidal robot. I’m going to steal it’s data and use it to build my own assistant robots. I have plans for one that’s for some reason a sphere, and the other one resembles a cube.” Eggman uses his evil technology to scan and remove all current data of the chao. “Homochao, are you okay?!” Tails shouts. He then stares as Eggman flies off, leaving behind a collapsed somewhat beaten up Omochao.

“Tails, is he alright?” “No, and it’s all my fault. I should’ve just let him have his way with me…” “What?” “I need to see if he can be repaired once more…”
A week later, the 4th week. Omochao’s repairs are completed once more. With data that needed to be created from scratch, Tails couldn’t create a similar AI with a similar directive. The closest he could get is an information relaying assistant bot, one that couldn’t act much.

He figured that it’d be fine as long at could help Sonic. Tails felt sad though, as this Omochao wasn’t the one he knew. It was completely different. Despite that, his friendship with Sonic has never been stronger. Meanwhile, Sonic had many helpful tips from the chao, and even tried throwing it at a robot to prevent damage in the city. Tails was okay with it, as it’d show how useful it is. He’d also use that as a chance to reinforce it and make Omochao even more damage resistant. Until a point where he made a break-proof Omochao, even being thrown into an ocean would have no effect on it. It would always return to assist Sonic, and anyone else. Sonic felt bad for the abuse, but eventually, it became an every day part of his adventure.

Meanwhile, Eggman was busy, his hands were full with his assistant robot data. Eggman couldn’t fight it and had to give in. Homochao’s data was dangerous, and in the end, Eggman created robots that assisted him in every which-way. He was reluctant to adjust the data, because he was very pleased in the end. His stolen data was very satisfying, full of fruits.

“And this is all thanks to Tails, huh?” As he lays back and smiles. “Homochao, was it? This data is very useful, indeed.”

In the end, Eggman saved a back-up of the data and rewrote his grandfather’s creation. An orb-based robot and a cube-based robot were born. Every now and then he’d insert Homochao’s data to see what would happen.

Tails would never forget Homochao and the few short weeks he spent with him. Eggman had stolen him away, but Tails was quick to move on. He had Omochao by his side in the end.

I’ve always played the role of protectors in game, and carried that into my life. I’ve carried those thoughts throughout the years, losing them, finding them, refining them, only to repeat the process.

I’ve always looked up to characters in the knight role. They’re always the most respectable characters.

It’s not simply being a tank, in fact, I somehow manage to tank as any class. It’s fairly natural/streamlined for me, it’s something I can’t avoid, bluntly.

I carry this into PSO2 as well. My mindset is, let no one die, and attack all-out. I use up my Star Atomzers every time in multi-parties, while I may or may not have Moon Atomizers left. I learned to save them due to some people being really bad players, eating up resurrections constantly

In LaTale, I save up my 5th skills for sudden bursts of damage in hopes of saving my buddy boy. I play as a mage, to boot.

In MapleStory, I time my Soul Stone use as an Evan. Ironically, a mage.

In Mabinogi, I taunt when necessary, or throw myself at the enemy. Ironically prioritized magic at one point.

In Gunz 2, I was that beefy tank dude I have a mancrush on. Fortunately has nothing to do with magic, except for his shield’s ability to take 0 damage.

In S4, I picked between every other role, and at one point, I was an awesome healer. Ironically mage-like, in many ways.

One moment in Crystal Chronicles, I was a mage, ironically didn’t do much in it due to stupid people, but it was fun always doing things with my boy. We’ve got great teamwork.

In Elsword, I prioritize casting Wonder Wall, courtesy of skill note.

Throwing away one’s life is usually necessary to win, too. In PSO2, I almost always stick with 1 hp during bad moments during Falz Loser. I pulled through and even landed a killing blow once. The people below me literally burned to death in an instant, and I was flying. I play a Hunter, ironically, and people say things about not being tankish, bu t I just guard often, guard often, and taunt wen necessary. Taunt can also add aggro to raid bosses.

I live the life of guarding in games. Online, and even in offline games. Although, haven’t played an offline in a long time to actually say, the most recent is Tales of Destiny DC, where I managed to do some cool life-saving stuff as Philia, ironically a mage. I prefer using Kongman, though, but I really enjoy multi-Leon the most. Demon lance spam is fun.

Oh, the poser also joined Mabinogi at one point. He only focused on himself. He even played as a female human, eventually picking male human/starting anew.

That’s the funniest part of it. Claiming to be a knight and refusing to use a shield. He didn’t use a shield in Mabinogi at all. His online lackeys, they didn’t do good either. He didn’t help them.

I was left to save everyone the best I could. I was only level 300, too.

I don’t like posers. Someone who claims to be a hero. I died often enough as one.

Sigh. Posers. It’s not easy carrying them…it is even less easier to live knowing they assume they did everything

This narc… he’s led me to realize one thing. I’m never gonna be capable of being half the poser he is.

A knight, he claims. I’ll carry on strong knight virtues, then. I’ll make myself strong. I’m going to exercise and bulk up, and then I’m going to use that strength to do what he can’t do, be a knight with it. To guard.

I care not for others, but it’s the values of knighthood that I like. There’s much irony, but that’s how I roll.

I can’t believe I heard such drivel… Buying Senran Kagura then bringing up it’s multiplayer. It means he knew nothing abo ut it before buying it. And it’s a LIMITED edition he bought. He doesn’t even like it..he just wants it for the boobs. The vita games are the ones with the sad stories.

And you know what..he’s almost 30. The narc is almost 30, buying stupid crap, saying stupid crap, watches stupid crap, then bitches about and to his mother.

Such people… I can’t stand them… I had no thoughts or opinions, but somehow, I have even less of one.
I genuinely have no need to speak to such a person anymore, even if I’m asked.

I don’t care…I don’t want to care..such people..such spoiled entitled brats..

A car hits another car while he’s picking up dry cleaning after buying a game that promotes breast. Saying how he was traumatized after said car hit another car. “So, you want me to go the opposite direction?” he said.


Just because he wanted to play a game about boobs? The 3DS games are bluntly about boobs. He knows nothing about Senran Kagura to begin with. I enjoyed my moments of playing it, but I’d prefer being able to play it together with someone, eventually that’ll happen, too.

I’m traumatized by how sickening one can act.
You know, this same brat said “ew, I don’t want to do that’ in regards to help take care of a cat.
In front of a guest, aka, ME. IN FRONT OF A GUEST, he says no, something’s disgusting therefore he won’t do it.

My boy has to clean up after a stupid cat all the time, while the fucking brat peacefully plays games with his ONLINE friends. A cat crapped all over, even crapped while I helped pin it down.



I’ve learned to better myself through time…I’ve begun to move after months. I move slowly and do things slowly. But, I actually move.

Not like someone who claims to want to exercise.

He said Udon flavored ramen tasted plain, and “it tastes just like ramen”.

To people who have eaten Udon. And ramen.

Entitled kid who needs CHOCOLATE MILK, and the sweetest milk available. He’s never drank it raw, non-chocolate.

I drink regular milk with and without proteins, but these days, usually with proteins due to how inconsistent milk is in this household.

This type of person claims to be a knight/guardian/drifting her of whatever the fuck he thinks he is. Yet, he put himself above others to a point where, if it were life and death, he’d still say how his day was bad.

I feel sorry for those who got hit.

Want to know the ironic part? He sucks at driving. Had he taken his time or taken a different route (HE TAKES VERY REDUNDANT ROUTES), then the person who got hit wouldn’t have gotten hit. Driving, the car behind matches the pace of the car in front. Matching his pace was bad. The person behind him got hit because he sped up to begin with, to avoid getting hit. If I saw the person had children, I would’ve taken the hit for sure.

I’d feel guilt knowing that, I’d feel guilt knowing someone else got hit either because of me, or because I dodged something.

I wouldn’t talk about a game or how I was traumatized by almost getting hit.

That’s not what a self-proclaimed knight would do. No hero abandons people, ever No guardian would let his guard down.

He can’t even lift his “wife”, I can barely, but still manage to, carry my boy. Not of my blood, but of my pride.., I can these things. I can support him, meanwhile..some big brother the narc is to him….I can’t stand it.

Interested in stories, too.. he claims..but he can’t even type properly or write something remotely’s a crappy fanfic about maple and his online friends that he bluntly stated were his family. Escapism.