Author: Grimmelkin

[Grimmelkin] Saber

Coloring test, nothing too special this time, had fun though! Artoria!


[Grimmelkin] A New Journey

Another game, another dimension and another Nebby.
Hopefully everyone’s new journey through Alola proves to be as exciting as the first one.
Saying that. I still like the Sun and Moon’s Protagonist. Simple and effective design! Anyways.

I’ve been studying new, well… basic drawing techniques. Starting over from scratch! Hopefully it shows the results of my training!

Tidbit of Info

Haven’t written anything in quite awhile.

Saying that, I’ve been drawing nonstop. Whether they’re uploadable or not is dependent on my skill.

Especially because…

Recently I’ve been reworking my basics. Restarting from scratch while coming up with how I could make my work better. Hopefully I’ll be able to come up with pieces that I can continue to be proud of.

It’s always motivating to see support flow in. Whenever I share my works to certain places all I receive is negativity, oddly enough. Doesn’t really bother me too much, and they’ve always been humbling. So the support that I do get is very invigorating.

As for my learning. I’ve basically resorted to learning how to draw from square 1 again and am learning how to make outlines. Unfortunately I’ve somewhat lost the creativity I’ve gained, but I feel like this minor setback will create a grounds for the future. You see, I’ve never learned squat with drawing. I’ve just practiced repeatedly from what was visible. My eyes are uneven in vision since half of my left eye’s sight is black due to astigmatism. This means that I desperately look for a fail-safe since my eye can’t be trusted with things.

I genuinely believe that I’m improving. Also I believe anyone has the capacity to improve.

Flexibility to receive teachings.
Judgement to figure out when you’ve reached a road block.
Acceptance of failures.

They all lead to an amazing thing called “Progress”!