About Us

Hello! We’re Scalding Hot Tea, not one, but two belligerent jerks!
This usurp has been brought to you by Grimmelkin. I’m terrible with words so lets see if I can make a proper about page.

  • Updated by Howlitzer.
  • Editted by Grimmelkin. (What the hell is this chain.)

Resident bastardizer(makes a lot of sense) with a bad mouth. Chances are you’ll see no one as rude and prudent as him! But he’s my ally. Go go! Hates everything.

  • I don’t hate -everything-.Mess with him in any way, I will NOT hesitate to hurt you. I am generally a pacifist, because if I weren’t, I’d always be angry. Very, very angry. (Seem pretty angry all the time though.)
  • I love things with beefcakes, my hobbies are exercising, occasionally reading and writing, and my life consists of the arts. I love cooking for my boy, and it excites me when he gets to taste new flavors. I don’t know what else to write about myself. (You seem to have done that already.)
  • I’m not normal, and half of the time, I’m treated like a pet, and am okay with that. I don’t know why I take that abuse, but eh. I guess I could be considered the big guy of this team. I don’t know about saying I’m the muscle, but if he’s the brain, then I guess I’m the brawn?(Brawny male seeks another brawny male) As for the matter of Howitzers.. that’s not open for discussion.(You seem to be pretty open for discussion with your works though.)
  • The one thing I have pride in? I’d say it’s my stomp. I can crush ice and bones in an instant, and have yet to use it on a living human being. (Violence all the time.)
  • He treats me like a hairy beast, and thinks of me poorly. My feelings are always hurt. (First up, its not ‘treats you like’ its just ‘what you are’. Literally.)
  • He decided to go with “Howlitzer” based off a howl and a howitzer..let’s not talk about that any further. Meanwhile, his name’s based off cats. The worst part? He’s NOT cat crazy.(I love cats.) He may even hate them more than he lets on, and I’ve always had a dislike for them. He even calls me a lion because of my beard. What hell, child. (It’s not ‘call’ you because you look like it. it’s habitat and tendencies too you know.)
  • I actively try to think of music, and have been working to compose things. I want to learn how to compose, and make music for both of our projects. I’m also the sound guy when it comes to our sound needs and the like. (Wow, so lyke talented.)
  • I have actually made a few terrible sun-son jokes. I also do have some pretty bad humor.
  • Let me make this one very clear. I am NOT a furry. I am somewhat -furry-, but I am NOT a furry. I’ve had someone mix me up as a furry before, it was so awkward that I managed to phase through everything. That and they have their own stigmas for a reason. . . (Saying that makes it seem like you’re just denying it. Just say, you’re into adults. Period.)

Loves to read and learn things. Man. I’m generic, apparently a womanizer because I can turn things into woman and appreciate them. Apparently also a fujoshi. (Thanks a lot old man. I’m a dude by the way.) Terrible at associating with people.

  • This is my boy. He loves reading, writing, and any other arts. His favorite hobbies involve games, playing the occasional visual novel, reading random manga, and watching garbage anime.(That’s rude. I’m aware its garbage, but its amazing to find out which things get worse! Asterisk War*Cough*)
  • He’s also lazy, and a spiteful smart-ass. He also apparently likes yanking on my beard. He LOVES ours/his black cat. He has mixed feelings about my/our dog.
  • As a fujoshi, he’s often shipping things together, and always shipping me with others. He knows my fetish well, but he’s dangerous. He even ships ketchup and mustard.(First up. There are commercials with that.) His feelings are ironically pure, for a rotten girl. So very pure. (I don’t ship what hasn’t sailed. hence that statement is inaccurate.)
  • I sometimes think of him as a daughter. Sometimes. Rarely. I think. Don’t get me wrong, boy, but sometimes, you can be weird.
  • Immensely loved by me. I’m proud enough to admit it, take that. That and if I write it down, it’s like a permanent ink pen. It’ll eventually wash away, but what happened will still remain. Forever, and always!
  • Actually has.. Yukiko-tier humor. Yukiko Amagi, it’s just brilliant, like a walk in a park. That’s how easy his jokes come! (Really. Amagi Brilliant Park. Really. Also. I like that anime.)
  • He’s just a half-ordinary person in the end. (Whatever that means.)

As a duo, we don’t care for most things.

* Example, we don’t like deviant art, especially with its stigmas, but he decided that he wants to try using it and seeing where that goes, as if it were a dating profile.
He doesn’t quite care what happens with this blog, and even if we never reach any degree of popularity, he’s fine as long as he’s having fun, and that’s all that’ll ever matter.

** Our shared hobbies are usually games, certain anime, music, and other such things. We watch TV, and often eat dinner together. We don’t actually do many things that are exciting, live pretty quietly, and don’t have much going for us yet.

* I think we enjoy trying to voice act, or at least, screwing around with our voices. I personally want to get a rough and gruff voice that sounds like either Tetsu Inada, Kenta Miyake, Joji Nakata, Tessho Genda, Unsho Ishizuka, or Norio Wakamoto. That’s a lot of names..huh, I didn’t think I’d be able to name most of them. And that’s just on the seiyuu side. I have a handful of voice actors I’d wish to sound like one day. Him on the other hand, he just wants to..I dunno, sound good? He does sound good as is, though! (Right… Say that.)

  • We hate memes and anything popular, we only like intelligent jokes, despise things that people somehow claim as smart, IE, Family Guy, and we have a hate towards people who act like teenagers, the teen-age mentality, and teens themselves. We also hate horny brats. We avoid partying outside of our duo unless mandatory in an MMO. (Saying this, sets us up to be idiots in disguise. Roll out.)

So, in the end, this blog’s just a fun thing for us. If people like it, that’s nice. If they don’t, well, we’re not aiming to be liked, anyways. It’s just our fun hobby of hobbies. It’s literally a mass of our hobbies.

We have a Pixiv and junk. Totes.
As well as a Deviant Art. Har. Har.
Shared Youtube:
Shared Twitter:

Howlitzer Sound Cloud:
Howlitzer Twitter:

Grimmelkin Twitter:



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