Since Monday

So far, I’ve been trying to get used to my glasses ASAP, I’m glad my vision isn’t so bad that I’m in need of them 24/7. At least it’s better than the example I provided earlier, but htat’s pretty much the idea, the father away, the weirder things get.

Anyways, Tuesday was the real turning point since it was the first time I actually walked outside with them fully.

He wanted to get a surprise ticket for both of us.

We ended up getting snacks. I got a hot dog, he got a chicken thingy, or whatever it was, and he split a corn dog.

Wednesday was probably the worst day due to insomnia and other such, we both didn’t do much, either. I barely used my glasses.

Meanwhile, on Monday, I tried wearing it much, ended up very exhausted. Apparently it requires both physical and mental strength, isn’t that odd?

Then, there’s today. I should probably wear it today, too. I really hate the adjustment time after removing them. Everything feels wrong when I do, and it made it impossible to see outside for a period at night. Couldn’t quite do that last minute jog home that time.

I’m a depressed person, when I put them on, that sense of wonder and amazement returns, but then the sadness of my actual eyes used to be that sharp, and that I wasn’t taken care of for a while, ultimately leading to my eyesight corroding.

I was once told, in this very house, that I was ungrateful.

I needed glasses in Jr. High, and I was never taken. Every time after Jr. High, when I brought it up, it was ignored in the end I never got them. It was always “We need to get it for you some time” or “We’ll get you them later” or some crap.

Sigh. Anyways.

At least I can see again.

It makes everything so much more visible. It feels… good to see what I’ve looked at, but actually see it clearly.

For example, I actually couldn’t see reflections well, and my own reflection was a little on the blurry side. My glasses showed me the full detail.

I am far more hairy than I thought I was.

I guess… I look like a generic bara mangaka.

Sucks being Asian. Even with glasses, it’s stereotyping 101.

I’m also told I look a little like a professor, so if I need to dress up for Halloween, I need a fabulous sweater-vest, or turtle-neck..


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