Sigh, Berseria.

I’ve gotten to thinking about it. Berseria’s gotten the most clicks thus far in the span of a short amount of time, and over the course of it’s release, every where I look at things online, there’s usually some weird defense force about it.

Just maybe, just maybe this will get people to simply click close, instead of taking the time to type anything at all. Or better yet, I should just remove the Berseria page. I’ll be thinking about that/leaving it up to my boy.

Okay, then. I don’t like it. I hate Berseria, it’s not the Tales for me.
I’m no longer a Tales fan, stop backing up the reason why Tales fans are so shallow/to be hated. I’ve accepted the series I knew is gone. Big deal. I’ve seen many things come and go, this isn’t unique or new.

Yeah. I hate it for reasons, I don’t like it for being like an anime, I hate the bishoujo/bishounen/shota cast. I don’t like the lack of depth it is, I don’t like that it’s related to Zestiria, I don’t like anything about it. I can go on and on and on, but what is the point? I don’t like it. You can love it, but then, shove off. The only other thing I wouldn’t mind is knowing why you like it, for numerous reasons I won’t bother to state.

I have a pursuit of knowledge, I have nothing to offer, but that doesn’t mean you don’t. If you don’t have any knowledge to offer, be gone.

Now, I could abuse this trend by stating I’m a fan of it/love it, but that wouldn’t be right. I’d get the wrong crowd. Deceiving one’s self for popularity is the worst thing one can do. I’ve seen it/lived through it enough on.. ugh.. those MMOs…
It’s very easy to take advantage of other people, especially teens/rich teens.

The only comment I’ve seen with actual responses, save for some ironic things pointed out/assumed of me, are ironically the types I enjoy most out of reading.
To be honest, that makes my day.

Unfortunately, this means that in the future, I’ll only get more hate, despite the clarity added. Yeah, I have my reasons for not liking it, but you know what..
I simply do not like it. Okay? What if my reasons are “bad”?
I can go in depth using the series’ 20+ years of history, but no. That will not matter.
I don’t like the new-gen fans generated by Zestiria/Berseria. I really do not.

Have any of these people that try insulting me even played the Japanese games? Honestly, there’s a vast library of unplayed/undiscovered Tales games.
I’ve been planning on going through the 3DS Tales of the World, but put it off from laziness. I mean, it’s a game, I’ll play it. Enjoying it for a short time, versus a long time, is also important.

I can play through a lot of crappy games, and well, I can still say that these things are better than that crap. There’s always something worse, but there’s always something better. However, we’re not talking about that, we’re talking about an entry in a series I used to like.

I can guarantee that the teenage twats that spew hate, have barely played any other games. I mean… go on, tell me why Velvet’s far more interesting than someone like Mao? I mean, sure, she has more things going on than Senel, but Senel was simplicity. Legendia was quite simple, and that’s it’s appeal. So on, so forth.

I’m the weirdo that ends up inadvertently playing an entire series without any actual knowledge/will. Did I ever expect to play through practically all Sonic games, save for the obscure ones? No, I never thought I would have. But, I did, save for Colors Wii, I can never finish that without losing my data. Unleashed PS3, but Unleashed PS2 was cleared, so… I’m close. God damn, some stages are annoying!

From Kingdom Hearts, which was spread so thin I never considered it, to Final Fantasy, though I do need to actually beat 8, 9… uh… actually… 4, 6, 8, 9, 10? Huh. I’m one lazy jerk face. Ironically I usually get the ending inadvertently. I mean, I knew a person who shoved FF6 in my face, it got disgustingly old. Kefka, oh so threatening clown that “succeeded”. Yeah, if he did succeed, the game wouldn’t have an ending, now, would it?

I don’t even know how many there are. I do want to go through Chocobo’s Dungeon, even though I hear it’s pretty awful. The origins of 2 and Wii.

So, what’s this got to do with anything? I pretty much went through a large majority of Tales, and for the games I lost my data, I finished my adventure with the internet/YouTube. It’s not the same, but eh. I don’t see anyone else losing save data like no tomorrow.

I used to love it, up until Xillia happened. I was sketchy about it, and was mixed when I saw it on an actual PS3. The fact that Sam Riegel is in it, also didn’t help.

So, I have to wonder… why do many people have problems with one person not liking what they like? Why is there such a heavy defense mechanism?

I’m going to get so much flak the moment I actually write about ReCreators, because somehow, that’s considered good/popular, too.

I guess it’s fine, though. I don’t understand why, but if it ever gets out of hand, I’ll never speak of Berseria again.

It has holes in it’s writing that shouldn’t have existed. It’s a game that had a producer, or director, change in the process of it. Of course, it has problems.

I mean.. how do I handle the next stupid comment? Do I simply delete it? Or should I just delete the entire post? It’s my space, but what good is my space if that’s all people care about looking at?

I mean, chances are, in a week, I’ll be deleting anything relating to Berseria just to be left alone from it. It’s the mark of a series’ death for -me-, so I shouldn’t have to, but I probably will.

I mean, really… why is that the thing that gets peoples’ attentions?
I’ve got a buddy who can draw great things, but instead, they look for Berseria?

I mean… are people stupid? Your taisetsu no geemu sold REALLY WELL.
Big fucking deal someone doesn’t agree with you. The numbers are already there.

Either tell me what you liked about it, or say nothing. I don’t accept in-betweens, nor will I even get “agrees” so that’s also something I can’t accept.

In the case of “good” :
Eventually, someone may find your words and agree, while disagreeing with me.
So what? I get to play the role of evil and add an ally to your side, isn’t that good?

I also don’t take kindly to insults.
You think petty little words like calling me an “asshole” or saying my opinion “sucks” would hurt?
Please, I’ve been bullied, actually, yes, 10 times worse than whatever you could say.
This will go back to what I’ve said before…

If you’re gonna insult someone… PLEASE PUT IN SOME EFFORT.
One line generic attitudes from what may be generic teenage bimbos do not please me.
I do get a high off of this, it is quite fun. I mean, come on. At least challenge me a little.
I can’t say I’ve been through a lot, I don’t even know what that means, but seriously? TRY.

Seriously, are Berserians this bad..?

I can effortlessly type whatever, from bad to good. What’s your point?
At least I can type a thousand letters in less than 10 minutes.
More with thought, takes longer.

Are you going to say I should like Sakuraba’s repetitive music, too?

Yeah, I soooo won’t get tired of hearing the same crap everywhere. He’s in Star Ocean, too, you know. I have to hear it in Tales of The Rays, and heard it in Star Ocean Anamnesis. I’ve already heard it in Valkyrie Crusade, and then right after, I hear it in Valkyrie Connect.

HE IS EVERYWHERE. I can take from one game and put it in another, if I could actually do that, it might be more enjoyable.

He made my favorite songs, too… So, what happened..!?


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