Today’s the Day!

Today’s the very day I received my glasses.

I ended up knowing truly how blurry my normal vision is. Apparently, it’s really bad. I’m very near-sighted, and I mean VERY. My eye damage could’ve been prevented so much earlier..

Apparently the $65 was for the down payment to have it processed ASAP, I’d guess. Ended up with my glasses swiftly, and another $65 had to be paid for. Expensive, but mandatory. Wouldn’t have been this bad if I was given that care in Jr. High. I was literally told school was more important than me, to my very face. Of course I’m left sour with school and that.

Regardless, here’s what I’ve got!

IMG_20170808_000951.jpgThey’re a simple design, I picked something that stereotyped me in numerous ways. But, I liked them.

IMG_20170808_001040.jpgComplete with purple cleaning fabric. Very useful/I’ve been using that fabric a lot.

So, how bad is my eyesight by default/ Near-up front, it ain’t bad. But, anything that’s a little further, it gets worse and worse. I can’t even see the detail on leaves properly.

It made me realize how impacting it’d be, and to some extent, left me depressed knowing my eyes are this bad. I have to rely on glasses for the rest of my life.

IMG_20170704_202851.jpgThis blurry image? That actually sums up what I see when it comes to things in the distance. It’s not AS bad, but pretty awful. I can’t even see my own reflection clearly, apparently. Near/when I’m up close, I can.

IMG_20170704_202854.jpgThis is what I now see with glasses.

I looked at some older pictures, and my dog ended up being the perfect example of my eyes.


I’m trying to get used to it as soon as I can, but it’s difficult. Tired eyes, dizziness, light headaches, temporary blindness when removing them. It’s tough.

But… it feels amazing to see the clear signs and the pavement below me. I can see anything and everything. It feels.. good.

I spent my whole day trying to adjust to them. I’ve made progress, but I’m not sure how long it’ll last/how good the progress is, the only real way to tell is to sleep and wake up.

Longer term use ended up with longer after-blindness, which annoyed me because I wanted to try jogging home from the last few steps, but couldn’t due to head hurting.

Well, I do need to train my eyes to adjust faster with putting them on and taking them off, anyways.



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