“Original” Characters.

Today’s minna de–
Forget about that for now. Today’s course will be….
it’s about OCs.
I mean, dear lord, people.

I’m very tired of seeing people use characters for their profile. I mean, sure, sometimes it’s not so bad, and sometimes people do it right, but most of the time, they don’t.
Isn’t that a surprise?!

Whenever I and/or we/he, we both do it to make ourselves feel better about our art sometimes. When we scroll through, half of it is related to OCs.

One was even an OC for Bleach where the kid’s wish fulfillment was to be a Hollow that fought Ichigo.

It’s annoying because these OCs leak into games and MMOs everywhere.
Imagine that, seeing people inserting their own name, and then taking their last name from the anime character (which I’m going to call ani charas from now on).

I’m going to be Lily Dragneel!
I’m not kidding, there are many players with Dragneel in their last name in Final Fantasy XIV. In fact, there are a lot of anime names. It’s sickening…..
Even worse… these kids somehow can afford a subscription. Imagine that.
Teenager naming themselves after anime characters, NOT EVEN GAME CHARACTERS, BUT ANIME, and they have a wallet to use.
Some people are bluntly in their 20’s, and by that, I mean the later ones.
Like, they’re gonna be 30+ year old human beings acting like that..

We both still are out of commission from FFXIV due to recent problems.

Here’s a fact : Natsu is a furry.
He has his secret ougi from the a movie, it’s his “dragon transformation”. Yeah, because I want to watch an anime and follow a manga that discarded all it’s characters in favor of some retarded weeb-crap. Oh, I’m gonna turn into a half-dragon!!! What, any weeb’s gonna actually deny it? Bitch, please. I’ve seen these unoriginal abilities, and it’s even a category of fetishes some furries have. I mean, he’s just going to go back to being who he was before, anyways. He ate crystals, because for some reason, he had teeth and magic that could eat crystals.

It’s called “transformation” (actual term : I DON’T KNOW OR WANT TO KNOW.).
I’m pretty sure it might actually be called “growth”. Honestly, it’s been a while.
It’s usually when a human becomes an animal/bipedal animal or creature of some sort. There’s even one relating to growth and then some. Heavy wish fulfillment on their part. Some are even done as commissions. (Remember how I mentioned easy money? Yep. Specialize in one thing, you have a tool of a trade that you can sell.)

The worse part is, these aren’t even OC’s I’m talking about.

One weeb goes so far as to use a katakana name, but even mispells it. Let me break it down to you in nihongo. A I E O U. KA KI KE KO KU. Notice how KI is there, and how it would be KI in romaji. He uses the ki katakana but has ke as his romaji.
Also, I just realized I constantly typo romaji AS romanji.
It’s a habit because a certain someone I know keeps switching the two. So what happens/ I switched it, too. Naturally, it’s written in katakana, for it’s westernization. So naturally, if I type my name, the romaji would be identical.

Now, those people are the ones who use OCs to represent themselves.

The moment someone says “this is me” rather than using an avatar… that’s when you know you’ve got not only a weeb, but an OC for, or even OF the weeb..

Yeah, OCs, generally people make them up for some sick purpose, but when you base one off yourself and with many who can’t even DRAW IT themselves… and those that do? They draw poorly. I don’t mean to be… oh wait, I do mean to be rude, because I’m sick of seeing them get an ego and a high because other idiots think it’s cool and amazing in some form/way. Yeah, because drawing ani charas are right. Especially chibi-fying everything. I’m sick of chibis by idiots.

Do you seriously need to chibi everything?!

*Rule of thumb, generally the creator is always a teenager. However, there are plenty in their 20’s, and those who are even in their 30’s.

Here’s an example of an OC bio
(Primarily fantasy, with a few bits of “standard” here and there)
(I have troubles writing these because I’d rather turn them into an actual character)

Name : Kurt Maverick *Credits to Grimmelkin for generic name
Gender : Male
Birthday : January 27
Ability : Dual swords, scythe, handgun.
Hair Color : Black, but red when he’s in his scythe mode.
Height : 5’6, weighs 156 lbs.
Sexuality : Bisexual
Race : Half Vampire, Half Human.
Occupation : Defender of his village.
Likes : The color purple, doing things himself, speaking with actions instead of words
Dislikes : Garlic, thinking, dancing, elegance, people better than himself
Half of the time, these include a lot of hobbies of their own being, so likes/dislikes are generally moot.

Omit the ability section, change his race to his actual race, change the age and height to their actual heights, make the name something “cool”, and you’ve got a run-of-the-mill profile.
The hair? Oh, no, that doesn’t change.
If he starts with, let’s say, blonde hair, they won’t use their real hair color, they’ll still keep it blonde, because, remember, it isn’t them, it’s their character that plays the role of them online.

But, wait. There’s more.

The QUESTION : How does one obtain OC art?

This will end with one of the following choices.
1 – They will use official artwork from somewhere (series, game, anime, manga, etc)
2 – Steal from the internet without knowing their source
2b – They can also steal fan-art of official works.
*Credits to 砂原 on Pixiv.
(See how scummy one can be?! I just stole art for an example! I’m a bad example.)

3 – Do it themselves and hope someone likes it (which, of course, they will)

Ahem… Excuse me for.. um… ruining your eyesights…
Drawn by me (Howlitzer)…

3b – Trace over a character and hope no one will know.


It may “look” good, but this is a trace of Luke.
Also, as my boy stated in his art nostalgia and improvement..
You CAN LEARN, and you CAN and IMPROVE from tracing.
It teaches you many basics that even beginner courses won’t cover.
Why? You’re drawing over professional art where they have anatomy and more.

I actually started drawing by sketching.
My crippling issue.. is my fat hands, so I’ll.. uh… work on that?
Ya’ know. ya’ just can’t de-fatten hands…

4 – Commission it or use connections to have someone draw it for them.Grimmelkin's first comission..png

Ahem.. “Commission” by Howlitzer. Paid in hamburgers and onion rings.
From Grimmelkin.

5 – If they play an online game, they will use their character as their OC.
This is prominent in MapleStory, occasionally done in La Tale, and ??? in Mabinogi.
It’s somewhat uncommon in Final Fantasy XIV, or so I hope.

*Created by Grimmelkin, because I asked/demanded.

6 – They may opt for a combination of the above.
This one can go many ways, and I will not go into detail the possible disasters that can come up out of it. I’ve seen people use Lineage stuff as their OC and commission for that, to add to their repertoire of their are of themselves.

Grimmelkin's second comission..png

*Another drawing by Grimmelkin.

Since I can’t actually draw OCs, or rather… since my brain only produces CHARACTERS..
The only thing I have to offer is an old character meant for a game we both were planning on, but life went awry and our old files are scattered across.
We’ll definitely revisit it in the future.
I hope that makes up for the crappy OC thing that I.. uh.. “drew’.
First, I’ll provide the backstory/history.

It was but a sad year. A sad year amongst many other years…
A year that was prevalent in making dragons awful, bad, and evil.
I had enough of it, and wanted to do something.

We had done many random things before, and we had many arguments, fights, and more, over them.
One original plan was Fantasy Edge, a game in RPG2k3 made to be in the vein of the Shining series. One character I’d be working on would be Gator, a lizardman with catfish whiskers. It being Shining based, it was mandatory to have a dragonewt/dragonute.

Eventually, as we went through many things… we ended up with an idea of trying to sprite up our own game.
Characters were made, and plot was planned/written. For the most part.
Work never truly began, for he was in school at the time.


dreigwan.pngThis guy here is Dreigard.
We wanted an unusual setting, and eventually, things landed like Tetris blocks.

Turns out he’d be an adopted father of the main character, and wouldn’t have wings.
A dragon, being a father, and on top of that, dragons in that setting wouldn’t be flying or winged?! BLASPHEMY!

Turns out, it’d be very magic-heavy, and he’d be a magic-using dragon. I didn’t want to deal with the thoughts of such, like.. dragons and their stomachs/whatever/chambers and fire breathing and whatnot.
I mean, why would they have a body that could bluntly cause them to explode? What logic is that?

I want to make LOVABLE characters, not OCs that can self-destruct.
I want to make a character that may end up influencing someone to be responsible, or to be capable, or to push them to do something. I want to be able to inspire. I want to make an amazing man be something some lost teenager out there would want to aspire to be like.
I was one of them, so of course I’d want to hope that someone else can jump-start themselves with something random.
I mean, I was obese and picked on by even my own family. I didn’t even care to live.

I don’t want “if dragons are real”.
In THIS world that we created, dragons are much like any other normal person.
So, with that… dragons are as real as humans and elves.

If I looked at races instead of people, it wouldn’t be a very fun story.
People are what you see. A bird can be an amazing person.
You never know.
A dog can be an amazing person.
I mean, I know there are great dogs out there.
Gorillas are like humans, and are also great people.
In fact, some even communicate with people and know sign language.

Instead of focusing on making UNORIGINAL UNINSPIRED HALF-VAMPIRE OCs…

I don’t care WHAT your age is.

Stop pretending and BE REAL.

If Hero Academia’s Stain hated heroes for being fake and not earning their title/and focusing on money…

Then… these “writers” and “creators” are all the same. Fakes.
They do it for a motive, not a pure, noble goal.
Many do it for attention because of their more-than-likely neglectful parents.

Make a character based on others. Use official works as a basis. I see Midoriya and All Might. In a way, you can turn that into a father-son story.

In fact, here’s one for you right now. Mido and Might.
Mido’s a child who looked up to his father, until his father was crippled in an accident, and lost his ability to be a crime-fighting Hero. Might suffered from depression and ended up distancing himself from his family, until he simply never returned home one day. His mother was distraught, and had no idea what had happened, but knew that even she had no power.

The son, the ever-so-innocent Mido Crosse.
“You don’t understand! I’ve always looked up to him, he’s MY HERO.”
“Now, he’s disappeared? What happened to him?! No one wants to tell me why he stopped, or what actually happened in that accident.”
“Why’d he abandon us?! All I ever wanted was a happy life! I didn’t care about being a Hero!”
“Then… I’ll take up his mantle and become a Hero.”
“If he won’t do it, then I’ll do it in his stead.”
“Mother… I know that I shouldn’t say these things to you… but I want to become a Hero, like my father once was.”
“What… You mean… I can take his mantle?” (Literally? Mantle means Cape.)
“Then, for your sake, too… I must become one. I won’t disappoint you!”

The father, Might Crosse.
“I’m nothing. I was everything, but now I’m nothing. What am I going to do with my life? Being a Hero is all I’ve ever been.”
“That look on his face.. I don’t deserve it…”
“She’s a great wife… but, she deserves better…”
“I’ve no power, no talent, no skills. We’re barely getting by due to the checks I’ve barely been able to get…” (Workers Comp, Insurance)
I left a letter for my family to read… I didn’t want to make this choice, but it would be best for them to no longer have a dead-weight like me around. I wanted to be there for them, but now, I can barely even lift a kitchen knife. If only THAT hadn’t happen to me…
If only there was some way to regain what I lost…
I’m sorry, Mido… I’m sorry, LeAnne… I wonder if I’ll see your faces again…

The letter explains how he can no longer be around them, and that he’s unable to bring himself to suicide, and will regret leaving them. [Insert more explanation here]

Meet their mother. LeAnne Emillia Crosse.
“What can I possibly do? My husband lost everything that made him who he was. He stopped living, he stopped being able to call himself a human.”
“He’s still the man that I love, but at the same time, he feels like he’s someone else entirely.”
“Don’t insult him! Even if he did leave, there were reasons. What kind of person am I, to not understand that?! I know how dedicated and great he is, and I know he has his reasons!”
“So… he’s really gone…”
“What will happen to us now..?”
“Then… I’ll have to do something… if only for my son’s sake. I can’t abandon my son.”
“You’re going to become WHAT?!”
“I’m.. not mad… I’m just, really shocked…”
“If that’s your decision, then… maybe…”
She places hope that her son’s rising may bring her husband back.

After their feelings were sorted out that week,
She decided to plan her next course of action.
In that time, she ended up getting an office job as a secretary at an agency, in hopes of tracking down her husband, and to obtain a steady income to provide for her son.

In Mido’s time, he began training before being ready to try becoming a real Hero.

*May or may not be fanwork that may or may not take place in the world of Hero Academia.
*Sample story meant to portray possibilities that I’d only hope to see one day….
rather than UNORIGINAL CHARACTERS everywhere.


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