Art Plans

Phew… so, once again it’s up to me to write somethin’. I’ve written enough for today.

Ahem. Anyways..

First step is most likely come up with an anniversary picture. Something to mark when we went into creating things for changing/bettering ourselves and other numerous personal reasons.

1 – Anniversary Image.
We need to discuss what kind of image and how it’ll be done, and who’ll do what. We’re also debating what site should get what.
I mean, even though our WordPress gets almost no views, we do get the occasional visits and likes, so I should at least give thanks to that. I guess it’s more spiritual than anything.

2 – Collaboration.
While this does tie in with 1, we also need to consider doing more, and actually doing things together. Why share, if we don’t do anything together?
I mean, we play games together, as is, and we draw together, but separately.
It’s just a little over a year since then.

3 – Requests. So, I know some people have actually wanted to make requests to my boy’s art, the problem being is we don’t have any terms, and on the off-chance that a request is directed towards me, I have no idea how to handle that. (more…)

Currently – GBF

I have no idea how or why my swift write-up of GBF disappeared, good going, WordPress.

So, from the point of the 10-draw event to now, here’s the results.
I also bought a Yodarha because I’ve been needing great water, and he’s nice to have for things like Slime farming in co-op.


Societte’s been my life saver, but god damn it. Dark Cagliostro. I’ve had to pick between her/him and an old man. I gave in for the physically older and physically more man.
Damn it. I could’ve picked other things if my luck was gonna pull up a Cagliostro.

I’ve also pulled up Satan just two days ago from a random 3k crystal draw. Yet, another dark summon. That I don’t need.

Otherwise, I’ve been farming Diablo and trying to fully uncap him. Almost there, just 10/20 auto runs on VH.

Then I can begin on Corow for my light team.

Phew. Fun. Grind. Auto. Yeah, not as fun as it should be. Oh well.

The 7th Day of Glasses + Plans

So far, it’s been a week. I’ve gotten pretty used to these things, though they still have their problems, I’m enjoying being able to see, at least, when I look away from the computer monitor.

So far, 7 days… today’s the exact day I got them, so I’m wondering what else will happen/be done from throughout the week.


[Howlitzer] Fate/Altera

Another test at drawing more females.
Good practice, but definitely no good. She just doesn’t resemble Altera enough.
I can safely say it was good practice, though.
First continuation from when I got glasses, at least.
A shame I have a good backlog, yet I keep making new things. Only because I have to balance cleans with not-cleans.

Sigh, Berseria.

I’ve gotten to thinking about it. Berseria’s gotten the most clicks thus far in the span of a short amount of time, and over the course of it’s release, every where I look at things online, there’s usually some weird defense force about it.

Just maybe, just maybe this will get people to simply click close, instead of taking the time to type anything at all. Or better yet, I should just remove the Berseria page. I’ll be thinking about that/leaving it up to my boy.

Okay, then. I don’t like it. I hate Berseria, it’s not the Tales for me.
I’m no longer a Tales fan, stop backing up the reason why Tales fans are so shallow/to be hated. I’ve accepted the series I knew is gone. Big deal. I’ve seen many things come and go, this isn’t unique or new.

Yeah. I hate it for reasons, I don’t like it for being like an anime, I hate the bishoujo/bishounen/shota cast. I don’t like the lack of depth it is, I don’t like that it’s related to Zestiria, I don’t like anything about it. I can go on and on and on, but what is the point? I don’t like it. You can love it, but then, shove off. The only other thing I wouldn’t mind is knowing why you like it, for numerous reasons I won’t bother to state.

I have a pursuit of knowledge, I have nothing to offer, but that doesn’t mean you don’t. If you don’t have any knowledge to offer, be gone.

Now, I could abuse this trend by stating I’m a fan of it/love it, but that wouldn’t be right. I’d get the wrong crowd. Deceiving one’s self for popularity is the worst thing one can do. I’ve seen it/lived through it enough on.. ugh.. those MMOs…
It’s very easy to take advantage of other people, especially teens/rich teens.

The only comment I’ve seen with actual responses, save for some ironic things pointed out/assumed of me, are ironically the types I enjoy most out of reading.
To be honest, that makes my day.

Unfortunately, this means that in the future, I’ll only get more hate, despite the clarity added. Yeah, I have my reasons for not liking it, but you know what..
I simply do not like it. Okay? What if my reasons are “bad”?
I can go in depth using the series’ 20+ years of history, but no. That will not matter.
I don’t like the new-gen fans generated by Zestiria/Berseria. I really do not.

Have any of these people that try insulting me even played the Japanese games? Honestly, there’s a vast library of unplayed/undiscovered Tales games.
I’ve been planning on going through the 3DS Tales of the World, but put it off from laziness. I mean, it’s a game, I’ll play it. Enjoying it for a short time, versus a long time, is also important.

I can play through a lot of crappy games, and well, I can still say that these things are better than that crap. There’s always something worse, but there’s always something better. However, we’re not talking about that, we’re talking about an entry in a series I used to like.

Further information about music

So, hopefully someone finds some good out of this wall of text. Nothing fancy other than basic music stuff I’ve learned. I definitely have much to learn if I want to take this seriously, but I am very occupied!

So, for this bonus feature, I’ll be covering what a Sound Font is, midis, and DAWs.
It’s really the overview of what I use, and partially how I use them.

I’m probably the worst source of information available, but whatever!
This helps me reflect on things I’ve learned over the many years.

I really like music, and after typing somethin’ else up here, I decided to make another one to follow it, something I can feel actually passionate about, and share my basic knowledge.


Minna de “Critique” – Music

Today’s edition will be written with glasses.

It feels good.

That and I’m tired of Sakuraba’s “music”. Very, very tired. I’m currently “playing” (mostly auto) Tales of The Rays.

If you want a summary of that, this is the story. You create duplicates and take the heroic spirits of characters from that copy. Yes, it’s basically Fate, or even Kingdom Hearts.

If KH > You take the Nobody of the hero (the heart), and their world is a memory made from the hero (the heart).
If Fate > You go into different worlds to find a servant for your war effort (“to save the world”). The servant has the memories of the “REAL” character, and the world you “exoflect” is essentially a massive noble phantasm.

Yeah, the story is BAD. It’s just not good. All this talk of “mirrages’ and “exoflect” and whatever else they may throw around..



Since Monday

So far, I’ve been trying to get used to my glasses ASAP, I’m glad my vision isn’t so bad that I’m in need of them 24/7. At least it’s better than the example I provided earlier, but htat’s pretty much the idea, the father away, the weirder things get.

Anyways, Tuesday was the real turning point since it was the first time I actually walked outside with them fully. (more…)