[Grimmelkin] Chilliarch

Been practically a year huh? I decided to revisit Lu and draw her other branch! Unfortunately no Ciel this time, maybe next time.


[Howlitzer] Mr. Raccon Dog?

This one’s a little confusing on how it happened, it stemmed from the Doki Doki Lit. Club garbage, because a certain someone insisted on sharing his experience, so he wouldn’t have to go through it alone. It ended up as absolute garbage with pretty gimmicks/tricks.

A poem featured words, while listening, a certain someone nitpicked, Raccoon, and Night. Then he jokingly said tanuki. Then I decided, WHY NOT?! And after quite a bit of time spent working on it, it happened.

Summary : I don’t know if he’s a raccoon, or a dog, but whatever he is, he exists.



Currently…… there’s… nothing really going on.

I lost track of time reading stuff instead of doing what I should’ve been doing, drawing.

I’ve been trying to get a job, but the amount of rejections are piling up.
No credentials, I guess. At least I’m transparent about what I’d be spending money on..

You wouldn’t believe how many entitled twats I can see/find on MMOs, the money is literally tossed away. Especially on MapleStory and El$word.

I’m hoping I’ll have some form or luck soon… at this rate, I’ll have to go with seasonal and see where that goes, even then, that’s just pitiful desperation which pisses me off a little. Employers are always like that, so of course I’d be unhappy.

Otherwise, I’m working on quite a few new projects/huge changes of pace on my end… Hopefully I can pull it off.

I have many, many drawing plans, and without good sleep, it’s difficult. Also, without good food.

My dinner was 2 grilled cheese burger bun sandwiches, 4 hot dogs/buns, and 1/3rd of a cracker/saltless pack, with 3 cheese slices.
recipe : cheese, butter up buns, toast inner buns, flip, apply cheese, toast outer buns while cheese melts, cover if need more cheese-melting heat.Hot dogs : boil 4 hot dogs in water, add a little ketchup for the quickest snack available.
Crackers : Get cheese singles, break into bits, make tiny sandwiches by snapping crackers into as half-as possible shapes.

And that’s how you get a sad meal. Man I’m pathetic.

I should probably eat another bite of something… anything.

Anyways, here’s to hoping for another healthy major upload plan! Hands, do my bidding, brain, ship all that you want. I still don’t know my true motive of art, but by continuing at it, I may find a true passion once and for all.

If I don’t get demotivated by declined and denied applications.

Thus far

So, up to now, not much has happened. My PC keeps giving problems.

Chances are, we now need thermal paste for this crap box.
Everything’s been pretty difficult since Smokey’s passing, unironically almost none of which had to actually deal with him itself, in fact, it’s laughable. Two people over there are unaffected because they don’t care about anyone that isn’t them. You get a fake cat lover, and someone who can’t give a damn about cats unless it’s either her personal cat, or if she’s the one giving it attention.

That aside, chalking up all my mobage statuses.
Granblue Fantasy – zero.
Zero no Sho – I rerolled because I wanted the new dragon man they introduced. Ragiesu, I believe. I can see why romanizing is such a bitch. I mean, really.
Tales of a ray –  NADA.
Fate/Grand Order – NADA. Only.. NOTHING!
Fate/Grand Order JP – I just started, and already, nada. Crap rolls, oh my god.

I still feel sad that I don’t quite have the phone space for Omnia Opera anymore, at least, not currently, plus it’s kind of tedious to progress in. It’s quite fun to play with other people, because it has a 3P multiplayer mode, you can have a minimum of 2 people playing together, so it’s great with a friend if you’re being random.

On my boy’s end…
Granblue Fantasy – every 2 weeks, it feels like he gets a SSR.
Tales of ray – ??? I mean, I guess getting a lot of Tear stuff, his technical favorite waifu, counts. The event’s over now, so that’s sad.
FGO – Jeanne. He didn’t want Jeanne.
FGO JP – He keeps getting his waifus. I mean, really, they are characters he really likes, and wanted. And none of them are 5*.

In MMO status.
Elsword – We’re revisiting it, but KoG pulled another BS move. Voice mods are affected heavily, especially with their 3rd job coming up. Currently, Ain’s data is now a V4. KoG Team MASSFILE V.04 – I can’t find any bypasses, work-arounds, or decryptors. Old voice files still work, the game will still process V.03 files. So, this becomes problematic when they add new stuff. Fortunately, not too big of a deal, except they completely moved SFX, which used to be stored in data069.kom, which is ALSO V.04

So, it’s pretty bad to have fun with it, the English dub sucks worse than their initial April Fool’s joke, the sound/audio is poorly done, they even dropped Eve’s processing, can’t even keep a standard, huh, KoG?

In Mabinogi, things are going way too well, I’m making gold pretty easily because I keep getting good gold making things, and on top of that, we have so much Saga abuse. Every EP10 clear is 30k, multiple by – AT LEAST – 10 characters minimum, across our two accounts. That’s a minimum of 300k x 2, 600k a day. Bank fees can be covered on either Wednesday, or by using an extra 2 characters, depending. Gold bags also end up as a personal refund of 4,900 gold per. I have much to buy, still. I’m such a fashion whore. Also working on getting us both Dan skills, which is a pain. Firebolt was a bitch to clear.

We haven’t touched PSO2 or LaTale in a while.

Aside that, it’s mostly been.. I dunno, combined with drawing, and I had a little music fun here and there.

Plus, we have an actual copy of Tales of Destiny : Director’s Cut, now. Fresh from Japan, apparently! It’s the premium box, too! The glorious art book!

We also plan to attempt to go through Zestiria and finish up Berseria… but they’re both god-awful boring… The progression in both is also somewhat identical, which is disappointing…

I also looked into voice files for certain games, like Fairy Fencer, and PC Cold Steel. I don’t think we’re going to buy this third version, but it has additional clips that are marvelous. Besides, if they make a new PS4 version, I’m hoping it’d be identical to the currently superior PC version. I have VERY BAD MEMORIES with PCs, okay?!

Also have Extella extracted. I feel bad for pirating for files for personal fun. You’d think I’d actually play what I download. Well, a damn shame.

Anyways, I still have many files to sort out, many voice clips to extract, lots of things to delete, but, so far, my drive recovery has had some decent progress. I’m happy I didn’t lose my Rockman music collection, though, or the whole Eiyuu Densetsu 6 to 8 stuff. The evolution discs are a pain, but less of a pain than the original games!

That about sums up every little thing we’ve been doing.

I also need to finish Ys VIII, which I find amazing, and far more fun than anything I’ve played on a computer recently. To top that off, I can honestly say, the PS4 and Vita have so many differences, that it’s a nice experience to even go through both, if you like Adol and his adventures, anyways.